The New iPad: What The Critics Are Saying

The eager, sweaty fists of the tech world are getting their first chance to grasp the new iPad (no more numbers!). And they hate it! Just kidding, they love it. Here's what everyone is saying:

The Verge thinks it feels about the same, but:

Just as when we first saw the iPhone 4 display, the New iPad's 2048 x 1536 screen is stunning to behold. Simply put, there's no other product like it on the market...Performance seemed snappy

Thumbs up!

Engadget also loves the new display:

Apple has managed to produce something that's truly beautiful to look at, and while we've yet to see the full potential of having this many pixels on a 9.7-inch slate, we're guessing a cadre of game developers are already hard at work in order to remedy that. Beyond being dazzling from a density standpoint, colours are sharp and accurate, and viewing angles are predictably ridiculous; even taking a peek from an extreme side angle gives way to a fairly solid image with next to no washout...zipping through home panes doesn't feel dramatically faster.

Slashgear also also thinks the nice display is nice:

The pixels in the 2048 x 1536 display are, at regular arm's length, completely indistinguishable: it's only when you get up close that you can make them out...Viewing angles are huge, too, certainly on a par with what we've seen from Super AMOLED panels in recent months...Performance from the A5X dual-core processor — with its quadcore GPU — is swift, with apps loading and multitasking flipping through with zero lag. That's pretty much what we're used to from the A5, admittedly.

Laptop Mag says "whoa":

The text on the Retina Display is so sharp that we could barely believe our eyes. In fact, the app icons on the 2048 x 1536-pixel screen almost seem like they're floating above the 9.7-inch panel. During our brief hands-on time with the tablet, we were impressed with the improved color saturation as well (44 percent better) which made for more vibrant reds on and much more rich photos in the new iPhoto app.

At 1.4 pounds, the new iPad has a bit more heft to it than the iPad 2′s 1.3-pound frame, and we noticed it when we picked up the device.

Thanks to the backside illuminated sensor, we could take a shot of our Canon camcorder on the display table that was quite sharp.

So, just what else is this display good for? During a demo of the Sky Gamblers sky fighting game, we were blown away by the level of the detail in the planes but also the water effects down below.


Pocket-Lint sounds aroused!

The make takeaway from all this is that the screen is as "luscious" as they say while the device is noticeably faster again that the iPad 2...So the screen really is crisp, the iPad (3rd generation) fast, and the experience as lovely as always.

TechRadar has an opinion on the screen, too, guys:

[The] display, a big improvement on the iPad 2 and that certainly shows; it's crisper, clearer and a real pleasure to view images, movies and websites on.

We're noticing a trend. What about speed? Is it... faster?

The improved processor means that the whole device feels more reactive and, combined with the sharper display, it certainly feels like a different device.


CNET agrees that brevity is the soul of wit:

The iPad's new screen is a stunner. That's really all you need to know about the new iPad.



    So basically this is a review of their screen? Still the same old Apple design!

    Android FTW!

    Giz US "review' - "fapfapfapfapfapfapfap"

    Still has Fischer Price UI... next...

      You mean perfectly functional, fit for purpose, non-clusterf*(k?

        I beg to differ. Apple don't and won't ever, as far as I can see, have the most functional and useful element to Android and now WinPhone- Widgets.

        Every morning I wake to see what the weather is with a lovely animation over the top, while glancing at my current data usage and oh....yeah, being able to turn my Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G, Brightness AND tethering functions ALL on and off.....FROM THE SAME PAGE.

        Cluster*(ck? More like I'd rather have my crappy 480x800 HTC Desire resolution with widgets than the same device I paid for 12 months ago, but with a better screen.

        I use Apple products, and see its simplicity, but please, keep the s*it Fanboism down please

        No, I think he means that its gaudy and over-blown. That is certainly how it looks to me. It is just way too busy, with gradients on everything and far too much useless detail. e.g. Having ebooks on a bookshelf. Its a gimmick that doesn't aid in the selection or viewing of books in any way. When there is plenty of precedence for a simple grid of icons, the bookshelf is inconsistent.

    The SMH reviewer was also very complimentary about the dictation function - apparently it is very well tuned to the Orstrayan accent.

    It's a new Apple product with virtually no differences except too many pixels for the size of the screen. YOU MUST BUY IT TO BE POPULAR!!!! To the shops now everyone!!

      Too many pixels? That's a thing?

    The screen is just stat-porn. Most of the numbers are, What you have here is like every other Android release to date - gradually increasing specs and new features, optimised software, all designed to disguise the fact that in terms of actual computing power and ability all tablets are years behind the rest of the computing world.
    If Apple can make low power high efficiency MacBook Airs and the windows/intel bunch can make ultrabooks then WHY are we not seeing THAT level of development back in the tablet world instead of continuing this fantasy with tablet form-netbooks?

    The screen resolution is a complete non-issue. Give us something more than simple sales fodder!

      this guy's a clown

        I am a clown? Why?
        I think at this stage that asking for more than a low power tablet version of a netbook is warranted, don't you?

        Adding this sort of resolution is a fantastic example of why we've reached the silly stage of pointlessness. It's a tiny little screen, it does not realistically make that much difference.

        Fair enough, we've all had our fun with our little tablets from Apple and Android. The only thing clever about them is the interface and the simplicity. Now is well and truly PAST time to kick it up a notch and start making real devices instead of cheap lowly mass-market consumer toys.
        Apple CAN make something better and faster and more able. Even you or I could, just by a few days modifying a MacBook Air.

        Something like that really would blow all other tablets out of the scene.

      You are reading this on a VGA resolution screen I assume - given resolutions are a complete non-issue?

        I am reading this on a 32 inch HD screen, sitting well back :)

      I think all of the comments are going to be variations of

      "I don't like iOS, so it's crap"
      "I don't like tablets in general, so it's crap"
      or "It's a reasonable spec increase over the previous model"

      I am in group 3. The screen sounds nice but not enough to make me ditch my iPad 2.

        (was meant as general comment, not reply)

          I get it's not a direct reply.
          I don't think it's a reasonable spec increase myself, not at all.

          Apple self admittedly own the tablet market, spec increases like this are what you'd expect from also-rans trying to break IN to the market, not the market leader.
          Tablets are nice and simplistic ways to interact with a computer, Apple showed a successful, popular way to do them. Fair enough. But they could obviously be so much more now. They own the market so they risk nothing by redefining it again by creating a full-power device with at least the capability of the Air, not palming us off with more of the same cheap stuff.

            I must respectfuly disagree with your claim that spec increases like this are to be expected from newcomers.

            Increasing screen resolution by 4x (2x2 = 4) is an expensive exercise than can only be achieved at reasonable cost if the company is confident enough of selling enough units to pre-order a metric s**t-ton of screens.

            Most newcomers couldn't possibly contract high-spec custom parts at the prices that Apple does.

    Nobody is going to question whether it's got a nice screen or not, it does.
    But, and brace yourself here, there *are* those of us who care about more than just "does the screen look pretty"
    Can't connect to anything except via wifi (and 3g if you have that), no expandable storage or swappable storage options, no flash, can't interface it with a pc/mac without installing proprietary software first, but that doesn't matter coz oooh pretty screeeeen.

      Galaxy tab 10.10 doesn't have an SD slot. Looks like someone is trolling =[

    No big deal, move along.

    If you want an Ipad, buy one, if not, don't.


      iDevices don't do it for me, never have. I remember when a colleague imported the very first iPhone and impressed everyone with the UI. Then I asked him to bluetooth one of the pictures over to my Nokia. Horses for courses!

    When I buy the iPad next week I fear I may have a dysfunctional relationship with my full HD TV.

    Nope. Cause that's all they've got left. Price Drop....

    U mad bro?

      yeah because android stole all apple's ideas,

      u mad bro?

    I'll be honest, its not really revolutionary, its simply technological progress.

    *Tim cook pops up from large pile of cash* what's that? Did someone say the Ipad 3 is not good enough? *continues to swim through 90b in cash*

      lol. Truer imagery has not been known....

    Transformer Prime released- Moderate fanfare. Favourable critiques. Generally impressed. Newsfeed moves on.

    Transformer Prime Infinity announced- Small fanfare. Still Favourable critiques. Added "drool" factor. Newsfeed moves on

    "New" iPad announced- Media flown in from all corners of the globe. Gobsmacked by "improvements". Newsfeed chokes and stutters unders strain of Fanboi Vs Fanboi insults.

      "Transformer Prime Infinity" just doesn't have the same ring to it as "New iPad"

      I think the issue is dilution - When you have a new Android tablet coming out each week then each release becomes less special.

      As a side note - Transform Prime Infinity? I swear they are actually using this

        So true. But you will get that from an Open Source OS. Every man and his dog wants a bite at the revenue stream.

        You may be right about the name. They've certainly come up with some wowsers (Samsung Galaxy S 2 Skyrocket? Really Samsung? REALLY??) But the biggest improvement on this iPad was the screen. I understand it's not HD, and they want to stress that its BETTER than HD (as pointless as that is on a tablet) but even so surely iPad HD would've made more sense?

        I sell computer gear for a living, the tranformer and now the prime, have had a HIGH mortality rate, and drop like flies.

        ipads seem to be a LOT more reliable.

    The iPad may well have broken new ground. The iPad 2 helped cement tablets as a viable mobile-ish device. For me, the iPad 3 is just an incremental improvement.

    How many articles were there pre-release and now its all anti-climatic.

    Die Crapple!!!

    Amazing how people continue to list Apple's enormous profits, hugely popular devices and incremental improvements as negatives. Sigh.

    How boring! I don't really care about the screen! It's like:
    - If you have an ipad already, well you're not going to feel to bad about not having the latest one
    - If you don't have an ipad and were thinking of buying one, well here's one that is the newest thing this year so you don't feel behind the times, but there's really not much difference from the previous one
    - If you were just interested in what the fuss was about, well too bad, it really was nothing worth fussing so much about

    Gee apple, I don't really like your products for myself but at least they used to be exciting, now it's like meh whatever.

      Not much difference than the previous one? Significantly better camera, 4x graphics processing, ridiculously high resolution... Nope no difference here, move along.

    Great! Now i can get an iPad 2 at a cheap price coz some hipster wants the latest and greatest!

    I come to site's like gizmodo read and keep up with iOS and apple news to see what new updates area available in both hardware and software to help me with increasing my efficiency. Instead I get Andriod Fanboy's talking about how Andriod is the best. Each has it place and I have tried them all. But for my business the most efficient ecosystem has been my macbook couple with my iPhone and iPad. Everything else is usable and customisable but not as efficient. I need to get work done period. Not interested in widget's, settings, etc. The future of Andriod looks exciting but without a full desktop OS to bring it all together it still has along way to go.

    Don't be jealous guys because you don't have an ipad but you want one but only have an android. android just copies apple but isn't as good.
    The new ipad is way better did you see the screen has more HD than even a big HD TV? and it's so small and you can get a keyboard.

    God I hate all you people who simply come on here to claim android as a better platform. WE ALREADY KNOW YOUR OPINION. you've posted it on everything apple related ever. Get the F**K over yourselves.

    Oh, and before you call me a fanboy, my tablet is a Transformer Prime, my phone is a Galaxy Nexus, and my Computer is an Asus G74-sx, my house has no apple products in it.

      This applies the other way round too, but android fans are far more insistant about it.

      *sigh* Because apple porn just looks so much better in HD. QUICK! TO THE NEAREST APPLE STORE!

    Firstly I'm not a fanboy of either, merely buy what i think best suits my needs, I have a SGS2 for phone, but at the moment I don't think there is anything to challenge iPad, id really love a fluent well designed android tablet but it doesn't exist. Galaxy tab is far off in terms of feel and quality and functionality. Google has to get its act together to get content sorted out, there are good and bad points to each, i prefer android phones but don't really see anything to challenging iPad, look at sales, it can't just all be marketing and hype. Apple created the iPad and everyone seems to scrabble trying to copy it, and then add some new features to define theres as something different "ours has flash"

    The thing I just can't understand about this release is all the fandroids complaining about the screen.
    I'm sure if an android had it would be "OH NO TEH APPLES ARE FALLING BEHIND HEHEHE SHEEPLE" but because it's apple apparently it's too much. How ridiculous, you claim you want revolution time after time, you get it, and then you say "sorry guyz, is too much for me".
    We shouldn't have to see pixels anymore, just know about them. Thankfully, apple is making a start to that.

    I think it's funny that the major selling point of this was the screen upgrade, which I'd never actually heard anyone complaining about (other than the odd hue problem). I want to run an experiment, asking people what they think of the iPad 3, then handing them an iPad 2 to look at, and seeing how many people say that the screen is amazing.

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