The Most Popular iPhone And iPad Apps

The Most Popular iPhone And iPad Apps

We’ve now downloaded an astronomical 25 billion iOS apps, and Apple’s put out lists of the all time most popular for iPhone and iPad.

Angry Birds predictably infests the lists: It’s got nine entries across the four top 10 lists for free and paid iPhone and iPad apps. About the only surprising thing is that iFart Mobile finally got knocked off the iPad lists.

Here are the top tens for all the categories; for the full top 25s, head over to iTunes.

All-Time Top Free iPhone Apps 1. Facebook 2. Skype 3. eBay 4. Shazam 5. Words With Friends Free 6. Viber 7. Bump 8. Google Search 9. Paper Toss 10. Google Earth

All-Time Top Paid iPhone Apps 1. Angry Birds 2. Fruit Ninja 3. Doodle Jump 4. Cut the Rope 5. WhatsApp Messenger 6. Angry Birds Seasons 7. Tiny Wings 8. TETRIS 9. Plants vs. Zombies 10. Angry Birds Rio

All-Time Top Free iPad Apps 1. Skype for iPad 2. Calculator for iPad Free 3. Angry Birds HD Free 4. eBay for iPad 5. Google Earth 6. Kindle 7. MyPad 8. Fruit Ninja HD Lite 9. Angry Birds Rio HD Free 10. Words With Friends HD Free

All-Time Top Paid iPad Apps 1. Pages 2. GoodReader for iPad 3. Angry Birds HD 4. Angry Birds Seasons HD 5. Fruit Ninja HD 6. SCRABBLE for iPad 7. Garageband 8. Numbers 9. Keynote 10. MONOPOLY for iPad

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