The First Gorgeous OLED TV Will Cost $US8000

Big news for anyone with a big living room and bigger wallet: LG's 55-inch OLED TV will be the first of the pack to arrive, debuting in May for $US8000.

Maeli Business, which also recently "reported" that silly 4.6-inch iPhone rumour, says LG's on the record with a fashionable unveiling at Cannes:

South Korea's tech major LG Electronics is set to launch the world's first 55-inch OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TVs in May this year. Prices of the OLED TVs will be set at approximately nine million won ($7,928.91), and the OLED TV will be unveiled in Cannes, France where a movie premier will be held..."LG Electronics decided to arrange the launching event of its 55-inch OLED TV during the Cannes Film Festival period from May 16 to 27," an LG official said Thursday.

The timing jibes with what we heard at CES, but it's the first solid word we've heard as to what the future of gorgeous television is going to cost us. Eight thousand. That's a lot of money -- more money than most people have to spend on a TV by a longshot. But it could've been a lot worse! Samsung's current top of the line 55-inch LCD TV runs around half that -- and it's using old, old technology. OLED will be out of reach for almost everyone, but, like everything else, it'll slide cheaper, and cheaper in a (relative) hurry. Especially when LG, Samsung and the rest realise nobody can afford this.

We've checked in with LG for more information -- stay tuned. [Maeil via Verge]

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    Yes, it's beyond most, but it's not what i'd call ridiculously expensive, cite Infinity Reference system speakers - $US300K, or plasma tweeters $200K, i've even seen a set of speakers that are over $1 mill - seems cheap now doesn't it ? - not to mention turntables $100K, Cd players $50K - check Absolute sound magazine. My speakers are a meagre $5K (amp is a custom built unit approx $3K)

      True, but speakers and audio technology rarely advance as fast as a tv. Say a new OLED tv in 5 years time will probably cost significantly less than what it is today. Whereas speakers will still retain the price.

    Hopes of around 4k for a 55" OLED smashed :(

    Guess I'll try and hang on to my old girl for another year, sure as shit not worth upgrading to a new TV with no benefits other than being thinner, having a better backlight, and stupid smart software that's dumber than an Xbox or PS3.

      This year and next for sure. But look at the price of plasmas when they came along; this is cheap considering the quality and it's first gen.

    I'm going to be saving my pennies for this, and as soon as JB or Harvey Norman have 3-4 years interest free, I'll be grabbing one I think.

    It is not that long ago that a 55" plasma TV was twice that, so as a first-up price, it bodes well for the future. In 5 years they should be down to around a grand, I reckon.

    Compared to the original LEDs, 3D LEDs and Plasmas.. it's not all that expensive to be fair. It's a new technology.. if it "takes" then the prices will eventually drop, like all the others did.. you can get 50 inches for less than 500 these days in LED.. not great quality admittedly.. but still, there you go..

      This. I remember 40" LCDs being around $10k, and as a display technology LCD has been around a lot longer than OLED!

    I remember seeing a 40-inch plasma in 2001 for £10K that was only 1024x768 res. $8K isn't bad.

    By the time these are affordable and a few generations in (say about 5 years), it'll be time to start thinking about upgrading my 46" Bravia LCD. Spent $2300 on that thing 2.5 years ago, so I dont intend to dish out more money for another new TV for at least the next 5 years.

    The first plasma I saw was $29K in David jones, a Phillips proberly not even HD tis was in about 2001.Is the LG 3D?

    Having worked in audio/visual most of my life this actually seems like an excellent price for brand new screen technology. Given this is the first time we've seen an OLED of this size go into mass production, it's quite impressive that you'll be able to get one as cheaply as 8K.

    The first plasma I ever sold was a 42" Pioneer Professional for $12,000. It had a resolution of 854x480 (less than the vertical resolution of a PAL DVD). It also had a contrast ratio of around 800:1 (washed out light greys instead of black). Processing was rudimentary, the picture was pixelated, colours were bland and limited (extreme colour-banding in place of smooth gradients) and it had no speakers plus a very loud fan. The best input option it had was 480i or 576i via component. And finally motion looked like stuttering crap on it becuase it had no support for 50hz (all PAL sources were converted from 50hz to 60hz on the fly).

    Needless to say after being used to the beautiful picture quality of 32" widescreen CRTs, I wasn't impressed with anything about that plasma other than its size and thinness. However the customer with a large wallet loved it, for the primary reason he could hang it on its wall.

    That was about 15 years ago. The point being you can now get a 42" HD plasma for less than $1000 that shits all over the picture quality and features of that Pioneer Pro plasma .

    Give it 5 years and you'll probably be able to pick up a 55" OLED for $3000 with better features and picture quality than this one.

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