The First Gorgeous OLED TV Will Cost $US8000

The First Gorgeous OLED TV Will Cost $US8000

Big news for anyone with a big living room and bigger wallet: LG’s 55-inch OLED TV will be the first of the pack to arrive, debuting in May for $US8000.

Maeli Business, which also recently “reported” that silly 4.6-inch iPhone rumour, says LG’s on the record with a fashionable unveiling at Cannes:

South Korea’s tech major LG Electronics is set to launch the world’s first 55-inch OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TVs in May this year. Prices of the OLED TVs will be set at approximately nine million won ($7,928.91), and the OLED TV will be unveiled in Cannes, France where a movie premier will be held…”LG Electronics decided to arrange the launching event of its 55-inch OLED TV during the Cannes Film Festival period from May 16 to 27,” an LG official said Thursday.

The timing jibes with what we heard at CES, but it’s the first solid word we’ve heard as to what the future of gorgeous television is going to cost us. Eight thousand. That’s a lot of money — more money than most people have to spend on a TV by a longshot. But it could’ve been a lot worse! Samsung’s current top of the line 55-inch LCD TV runs around half that — and it’s using old, old technology. OLED will be out of reach for almost everyone, but, like everything else, it’ll slide cheaper, and cheaper in a (relative) hurry. Especially when LG, Samsung and the rest realise nobody can afford this.

We’ve checked in with LG for more information — stay tuned. [Maeil via Verge]