The Better Bacon Book: Bacon On Bacon On Bacon On IPad

The Better Bacon Book: Bacon On Bacon On Bacon On IPad

OpenAirPub consistently puts out the best and most useful cookbooks for the iPad. First they had Speakeasy Cocktails which taught you how to make a drink, then Food52, which was a serious survival guide for holiday cooking and now they done one upped themselves with… bacon. Yes, a cookbook about makin’, cravin’ and tastin’ bacon.

What does it do?

It’s a bacon recipe cookbook for the iPad that’ll up your taste for the tastiest cured meat in the world (Spain not included). If you think bacon is just some crinkly blood red rubber from Denny’s (delicious rubber it may be), you need the Better Bacon Book. It’s got 20 HD videos and 150 high res pics to get your mouth salivating and 31 original recipes to make you earn it. If you like cured meat, you owe it to your tastebuds to learn how to make the tastiest bacon with this book.

Why do we like it?

Did we mention this book is about bacon? Slab bacon, face bacon, canadian bacon, pancetta, pork this pork that, it’s got it all. What’s better is that the video (which features Tom Mylan from Brooklyn’s The Meat Hook) walks you through every step you need to learn how to make better bacon. There’s also a bit of history behind the delight that is bacon, places to buy bacon if you’re lazy and bacon recipes like Malted Bacon Ice Cream, Bacon Tempura, Bacon Cornbread and more bacon.

The Better Bacon Book

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