That New "Donda Media" Site Is Fake As Hell

That New "Donda Media" Site Is Fake As Hell

Everyone’s chattering about, the new site from Kanye West’s insane tech startup Donda. By everybody, I mean The Washington Post and Twitter, which went bezerker over it, and, well, us. But Oh come on, now. If this ain’t a hoax, I’ll eat Kanye’s doo-doo.

Now, Donda is real. Or at least, Kanye really did talk about it. But the recently launched Donda Media Tumblr, Twitter, and WhoDat website? Fake, fake, fake, fake, fake! (Or at least: Not associated with Kanye’s Donda project.)

We confirmed with a Donda project representative that the WhoDat site has nothing to do with them. But was that even necessary? I mean, how could anyone not realise this was a fake?

WhoDat is a self-described “Facebook for Websites” but is basically nothing more than a Whois service that returns website lookup information. That’s the new business model? I mean, first of all, nobody is this dumb. Not even Kanye West. Second, the Twitter and Tumblr accounts just launched yesterday. Also the Google Analytics ID — increasingly a tool used to expose the true owner of a Website — is concealed in the site’s source code. That’s not a smoking gun, but it’s suspicious. And of course, Kanye West hasn’t addressed this at all from his Twitter. Which is suspicious, no? I mean, have you ever known Kanye to not self promote?

And look how Donda reacted to getting trolled. It doesn’t exactly come across as genuine naiveté.

So who exactly is behind it? We don’t know. I emailed the address @DondaMedia was handing out to talk to the person behind the account. Their response?

whats a gizmodo?

In a follow up email, they at least admit to not being Kanye

This is not Kanye, we are a group of minds who work within the vision of Kanye West.

Thank you,


There you have it. (And James! Call me!)