Spotify Will Announce Aussie Plans Next Week

2012 is going to be a landmark year for streaming music services in Australia. We've already got Rdio, JB Hi-Fi, Samsung Music Hub and Music Unlimited, and from early next week we'll have details on the big fish in the streaming pond: Spotify. We've known Spotify was coming for some time, given that it advertised for staff from late last year. It's now set to make an announcement next week on its Australian launch. That doesn't mean it'll launch next week, but the fact that it's alerted media to the fact undoubtedly means it won't be long before Spotify will be jousting with the established music streaming services already in Australia.


    After months of having to use other means to use Spotify I cannot wait for it to hit our shores! It's a great service that keeps growing!

    Spotify was launched in Denmark (where I'm from) about half a year ago. I've been a premium subscriber since, and I love it. Simply awesome!

    Windows at work; windows at home, Windows on my AIR, and a Windows Phone. Hello Zune.

      Aw, you'll be OK.

    Cant wait, cya itunes.

    I guess if you're not in MS ecosystem Rdio, Spotify, etc have filled this niche. Like Wok I use Zune Pass because I am exclusively Windows. It's great.

    You forgot the biggest and best music subscription service in the world. Zune. 13 million tracks and you can actually download them and play them offline unlike all of the others.

      Old discussion but I have only one (important) word - iTunes!

    Actually Aron, Spotify allows you to download and play offline if you're a Premium subscriber (10 Euros a month). I don't know anything about Zune, but it could have all the indie 7-inches ever pressed and it still wouldn't drag me back to Windows! ;)

    So what happened about this? Where is the info, its been a week already?

    I loved Napster's ability to take any tune and effectively put together a genius mix based on the entire global database - real value add! But when Rhapsody swallowed Napster that feature disappeared. Does anyone know if Spotify can do something similar?

    I think a mixture of Spotify (with offline listening ability) and Pandora (via a VPN - don't think an Aussie version is going to be here any time soon) meets all listening needs over diverse musical genres.

    Another false hope about Spotify starting in Australia by the looks of things . Australia has been ripped off by US and UK recording companies for decades and they wont release their hold on the Aussie market easily

    Sony were holding out. Signed the deal yesterday. Any day now....
    Apparently there is a launch event being organised in Sydney for April 12.

    ... and waiting...

    i know the marketing for spotify will be done in a week or two so should be up then..

    And still the wait goes on and on and on

    Like iTunes, the Spotify catalog differs substantially from country to country, and I'm sure Zune store is the same. Basically you end up with a different means of accessing the same small amount of music that Australians are permitted.

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