Samsung’s Still Investing In Bada And WP7

Samsung’s Still Investing In Bada And WP7

You could be forgiven for thinking that Samsung’s mobile strategy is 100 per cent Android, what will all of its MWC releases in the mix of new products this week. Not so, however; the company is still going to “significantly” increase investment in Bada – the same OS it’s merging with Intel’s Tizen — as well as continuing development on Windows Phone 7.

Bloomberg reports on Samsung’s strategy, quoting Juha Park, senior vice president of product strategy at Samsung from an interview at MWC.

“We believe this is a good platform to build on. We want to have a full range of portfolio for Bada, from high-end to mass-volume segments.”

Windows Phone 7 will remain part of Samsung’s strategy as well; Park is quoted as saying that

“We will maintain our multiple OS strategy.”

I can’t say I’ve really been blown away by Bada, although Samsung’s run of WP7 handsets have, on the whole been decent. Should Samsung just concentrate on Android?