Rumourmodo: Netbooks Not Quite Dead Yet?

I remember when Netbooks were the hot new amazing thing, but they've been rather eclipsed by cheap tablets in more recent times. Efforts from Intel could see the ailing category reborn, according to current rumours. Fudzilla reports that Intel's plans for the next generation of Netbooks calls for a mix of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Tizen, as well as some power features you just wouldn't find in current netbooks, including Blu-Ray 2.0 support, WiDi and rapid startup. Will that be enough to make Netbooks as sexy as they once were? It's hard to say, but the report indicates that all that power will come at a price, with the expected RRP of next-gen Netbooks being higher than the current models. That probably won't help Netbooks fight back against tablets. [Fudzilla via Liliputing]

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