Rumour: Polyphony Digital Spotted Taking Photos Of Mount Panorama For New Gran Turismo

Just this week, this loveable pair was spotted doing leg and truck-powered laps of Bathurst's Mount Panorama. I'm sure there exists a hundred different reasons why two guys in brightly-coloured vests would be taking snaps of what's arguably Australia's most recognised race track, but audio from an intrepid soul's phone camera strongly points to the raceway featuring in the next instalment in Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo series.

For your own investigative purposes, here's the clip in question. I'd suggest skipping to just before the one-minute mark, unless you enjoy profuse, motion sickness-induced vomiting.

I had trouble making out what the Polyphony guy says, but going by this thread on the GTPlanet forums, where news of the two first appeared, many posters are convinced he says "GT6". Feel free to crank up the volume and put your ears to work.

It's hardly concrete evidence and it'd be nice to hear what Sony has to say (if anything at all), but I'm struggling to come up with alternative reasons for their presence (GT5 DLC is a possibility). We'll stick it in the rumour folder for now, until we hear more. [GTPlanet via Kotaku] Image: Froudeybrand. Video: FastLaneBathurst.

Originally published on Kotaku

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