Retired Wind Turbines Make For Fantastic Playground Equipment

Like any piece of machinery, wind turbines eventually wear out and need to be replaced. And in Europe, instead of just salvaging them for scrap when dismantled, they often find better uses like turning them into playground equipment.

How often have you seen a turbine blade being delivered on a truck and thought it would make for one hell of a slide? Well the designers at 2012Architecten clearly had the same idea as they used five discarded turbine blades to construct the Wikado playground at the Kinderparadijs Meidoorn facility.

The blades were all hacked up to create an assortment of different playground structures including climbing towers, caves, play surfaces, slides, and even supports for a jungle gym net. If only they'd found a way to keep the power generating parts intact and functional so the playground could also harness the seemingly unlimited energy of kids playing. [2012Architecten via Inhabitat]


    The only good use for them.

      That, and you know, renewable energy...

        Total contribution to the worlds power supplies made by wind turbines = less than 1%.
        They are a monumental waste of money and a blight on the landscape.

          Cause current major energy sources will last forever and have no flaws at all!

          We'd have more investment in renewables if it wasn't for moronic opinions like yours. We're completely screwing over our planet but hey nature can just deal with it!

          It would be ridiculous to build roads designed for the horseless carriage! It's but a fleeting fad says the late 1800's man.

    It's a great recycling plan but I don't know how kid friendly it is. There are some pretty extreme exposed bolts in the 3rd photo from the top just waiting to pounce

      And how about the sharp trailing edge in photo #1 - try running into that!

        As someone who ran into a carbon fibre trailing edge once: ouch.

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