Reflections Brings Airplay Mirroring To Mac OS

AirPlay allows you to mirror an iOS device screen to an Apple TV and then to a large display screen, but a curious gap in the AirPlay bag of tricks has been the ability to do the same trick to a Mac itself. A new application fixes this problem, turning your Macbook into a very big iPod indeed. Reflections is a $US14.99 application, also available in a ten-minute limited trial version, which allows you to set a Mac as the AirPlay destination for your iOS device output, no matter what the content. Download and install the Reflections application on a Mac, run it, and then select the Mac from your iOS device, and you're away. Apps can run in an iPad-shaped window with appropriate orientation and scaling options, or as a full screen display.

That doesn't mean that Reflections is ideal for every single type of iOS application however. For static stuff it's naturally enough fine, but your experience with more visually intensive material will very much depend on the quality of your wireless connection.

Testing early this morning with my home WiFi connection (and being the only network user) I was able to use Reflections as a pretty decent gaming monitor. Repeating the exercise within the Gizmodo office walls, and playback stuttered to the point of being unplayable. [Reflections App via TouchArcade]

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