Puma Backpack Has Its Own Hoodie

You probably won't always remember to bring an umbrella when the weather is gloomy, but as long you're wearing this Puma Urban Mobility Backpack from designer Hussein Chalayan, you'll always have a quick way to keep your head dry.

As an added bonus, when the backpack is particularly full and heavy-laden, you can put the hood up for some extra support. After all, haven't doctors been telling us to lift with our necks all these years? There's no word on pricing for the backpack just yet, but it will be available as part of Puma's upcoming spring/summer line. [Puma via Hypebeast]


    Oh gods no... Hoods are becoming worse than Cabbage Patch dolls- they're everywhere and they always look imbecilic.

    Does the pack come with Kevlar for when you get shot?

      Free skittles and ice tea.

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