Bus Troll Jams Mobiles When People Talk Too Loud

NBC10 in Philadelphia has tracked down a man that has frequently employed a handheld signal jammer when riding SEPTA buses because the other passengers' conversations irritated him.

An NBC10 employee first noticed the man using the device during her morning commute. "He's blatantly holding this device that looks like a walkie-talkie with four very thick antennae. I started to watch him and any time somebody started talking on the phone, he would start pressing the button on the side of the device," said the employee.

Signal jammers not only block out cellular signals but also jam GPS, Wi-Fi, and police radio. And unless you work for Homeland Security or a very select few federal contractors, jammers are very illegal. The use, ownership, purchase or sale of the devices can net a $US16,000 fine and jail time.

The man, who only identified himself as Eric, told reporters that he had purchased the device online because listening to other people talk in public is, "pretty irritating, and quite frankly, it's pretty rude." Did he care that jammers are illegal? Nope, "It is my understanding it is more of a grey area. It is my understanding that it's illegal to, you know, stop a television signal, a radio signal. You know, it's my understanding according to the FCC that it's not illegal to disrupt a cell phone signal."

He went on to say that, "I guess I'm taking the law into my own hands, and quite frankly, I'm proud of it."

No Eric, see, Batman took the law into his own hands. Guy Fawkes took the law into his own hands. Travis Bickle took the law into his own hands. You're just being a tool and messing with people around you who aren't doing anything illegal. To take the law into your own hands, laws need to actually be broken — not just your inflated sense of entitlement. [NBC Philadelphia via Mashable]

Image: The AP



    given in my line of work your often on call and some contract fees for missing sla's can be worth more than a years pay, i would be very pissed if that happened to me. i wouldn't do anything but some people are more reactive.

      I think schools should have something like this.

        A school could have a Faraday cage which is completely legal but would be rather expensive. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faraday_cage

        Hang on. What happens when parents want to call their children in emergencies? Parents want a direct line, so your idea would be invalid.

          Errrhh.. parents call the school. For many many years we have survived with cell phones, Personally, schools should not allow cell phones in class.

    A domestic portable signal jammer was able to interrupt wireless signals in a moving vehicle while running silent? that's pretty impressive from this article I can tell this guy is some type of socio-path.

      Your sentence confuses me.

    I don't even care if people hate him for it
    It's pretty awesome that he had a problem and found an easy solution hahahahah

    Hahaha, that's pretty awesome. Good on him for doing something so unnecessary and odd. Quite entertaining haha

    I'm sorry but people who talk loudly in to mobile phones in crowded public areas get what they deserve. I personally break out in to showtunes or ask the person questions while they're on the phone or ask them to say hi if I can hear every word of another's conversation, because honestly if I can hear I want to be included.

      No offence but it seems like you have terrible social skills.

        If everyone on the bus can hear your private conversation about who you fucked on the weekend, I'd take the annoyer over the annoyee. At least one is genuinely amusing.

    Last paragraph "Batman took the law into his own hands. Guy Fawkes took the law into his own hands."

    Garbage, Batman's a comic. Guy Fawkes was committing treason and this guy is standing up against poxy selfish noise polluters.

    Everyone should have one.

    Well, done to Eric. There are people who talk so loud in public that it would change the opinion in the conclusion of this write-up. May be FCC should pre-approve all phones for blondes for use in public. The person has to be "legally blonde" to use a cellular phone. Get it? He-He-He!

    I wish he'd hop on my train carriage in the morning, as its always full of people with an inflated sense of entitlement who feel they can gob off at a volume that would stun a bull.
    Typically, it's complete drivel, and for reasons I cannot comprehend, will often repeat what they said 2 minutes earlier. And again, and again.

    I know thats what you can expect for public transport, but the guy is simply enforcing what others are too lazy or rude to do themselves, and thats moderate their behaviour in public.

    Its telling that the only reason he was found out was because some self indignant reporter was annoyed she couldn't blab her mouth off during the daily commute.
    I dare say everyone else on the bus was enjoying the peaceful reflection of their own thoughts instead of being forced to hear about someones relationship drama.

    Good on him for having the initiative to find a way to do something about annoying mobile phone Trolls who seem to continually pop up on public transport, in restaurants, in cinemas, conferences, meetings, church services, weddings, parties, etc. and crap on about god knows what at the top of their voices with no regard as to where they are or who they are annoying...

    I was with him up until the line about taking the law into his own hands. We all hate to be in public places where there are unnecessarilyloud personal phone calls, but I don't like some anonomous vigilante deciding that I can't use the phone if I need to.

    I have a jammer myself, when I rode the train everyday I would only use it when someone was being loud and obnoxious with a pointless conversation. I usually switched it on till the call dropped and then off again until they gave up. I liked to browse the net on my phone so I wouldnt just leave it on the whole time, plenty of other people like me who did the same.

    The most worrying thing about this article is that the person who wrote it seems to think that the bad guy is the one using the jammer and not the jackasses who wouldn't quit their obnoxious phone conversations.

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