Patent Trolls Suing Samsung And RIM Over Emoticons (o_O)

I bet when you're texting with friends you like to drop a :-) or maybe a ;-). If you're really up on your game, it's possible you toss in a (^_^). And because RIM and Samsung decided to include a quick-access key for these wonderful digital creations on their smartphones, some soulless patent trolls got all >:-O about it and are taking the companies to court.

According to Paid Content, Varia Holdings — the trolls in question — say that BlackBerry handsets, along with the Galaxy Nexus, all infringe on their patent which "results in the display of a list of emoticons for selection by the user".


What next? Trolling for including a display of punctuation marks? Does Apple's emoji key fall under the domain of this patent? PLEASE TELL ME NO. DON'T TAKE MY EMOJI AWAY FROM ME. :'( [Paid Content]

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