Optus To Stop Calculating Prepaid Mobile Broadband Data In 10MB Chunks

One of the more annoying features of Optus' prepaid offering for mobile broadband is that it counts data in 10MB chunks, which means your usage can ratchet up fairly speedily. That will change from late April, with Optus switching to a slightly more reasonable per MB charging model.

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After seeing mention of this on Twitter, we contacted Optus and it confirmed that the change is coming:

Effective 25th April 2012, Optus Prepaid Mobile Broadband will move from charging data at 10MB increments to 1MB increments meaning data will now be counted in smaller increments to ensure that customers are getting the best value from their service.

Contract customers still get counted per kilobyte, which is even better, but this is still a welcome improvement.

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    So do I take this to mean Optus Prepaid customers whose smartphone uses a few KB to check email every ten minutes would have their data counted as 10mb? Is it just me or was that a serious rort?

    To be honest 1mb chunks seem a little excessive to me as well. I remember the first phone data plan I had was simply charged per kilobyte, in one kilobyte blocks.

      No, Optus Prepaid (voice) customers were always charged in 1MB blocks. It was Optus Prepaid Mobile Broadband that charged in 10MB blocks

      No, because smartphones generally maintain a data connection or session with the telco, so you may be rounded once your connection is terminated or phone is restarted. Still 10 or even 1MB sessions are ridiculous.

    The 10MB charging blocks and Optus' increasingly slow service were the 2 main reasons I got a prepaid SIM from Telstra for my iPad. Telstra was originally more expensive, but they quickly responded to the market and pretty much matched their prices to Optus so the choice was far easier.

    The data speed with Telstra is brilliant too, very pleased with my choice. I also don't think Optus can handle many more devices using their service in the CBD..

      Telstra is quite reasonable when on a byo plan for iPad and the sim can have voice active. I have a voice plan with a modem data plan and i have bulk billed the mobile and home phone and bigpond wifi modem and it quite amazing how fast a iPad can download with the wifi LTE modem and i have had speeds upto 40 mbps on the iPhone using the wifi modem and i would reamend the LTE modem and you change data usage from 1gb per month to 15 gb per month as many times in a month without getting charged but it does slow down to dialup speeds when you use up all that data without getting over charged

    Why can't they charge in 1kB blocks like their subsidiary Virgin?

    I went with Telstra on my iPad for the per kb increments also. More expensive but it should last longer. Welcome change.

      I went back to telstra on the iPad and ported the optus modem number to telstra and the mobile number and never looked back and i got a cheeper plan with Telstra when i ported my number back to Telstra and the same with my ex optus number you would find telstra works very well without dropouts and the mobile i haven't had it drop out in peek times in Brisbane and the Gold Coast in Surfers Paradise and suburbs on christmas holidays and Surfers Paradise is a Optus unfriendly place on the holidays and indy and the phone will drop out and Telstra works very well during these period

    Optus is a dogs breakfast... my ADLS2+ speed (which used to average around 10Mbs about 2 years ago, which is also not great) is now on average the same (and at times even slower) as my Optus 3G phone... 1Mbs. Disgraceful, I live in a metropolitan area, and after 6 years I will be leaving their service and going to Telstra because Optus is basically becoming unusable. I can't even watch an SD movie over PSN anymore.

      Go to the tio they are great when you phone up get the reps employe number and write it down www.tio.com.au PH 1800 062 058

    Wish I had have read this prior to buying my prepaid pocket WiFi from Optus... $219 in total with 16GB to be used in 12 months, GREAT I thought until recently when I found out a carrier pigeon would have been faster than what I am getting on 3G....
    It's not the device either as I also did a speed test using my Optus work phone (Galaxy Nexus (pure google)) and the spped were just as bad.
    Well over 12 years have I and my entire family been Optus customers, No longer as we rely heavily on mobile connection and it just isn't happening for us.....

    I'm lucky i got out of optus mobile and i wouldn't get prepaid it's a waist of money because using a phone or wireless for the same time in one month it costs a lot more but great for tourists and teenagers

    Optus is still - as at today - charging in 10mb increments on my iPad broadband 12 months prepaid (12GB). I have called them several times to complain and they promise to call back, and of course never do. Does anyone else still have this problem?

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