NSW Police To Test X2 Twin Taser

Controversy still surrounds the recent death of a Brazilian student who allegedly resisted Sydney police before being chased and tasered at least three times. Guidelines limit Taser use to dangerous and violent offenders, but even before that investigation is complete, NSW police have now confirmed plans to test the new double shock Taser X2.

Assistant Commissioner, Alan Clarke told the ABC the newer model is specifically designed to address missed shot or multiple target situations. From a geek perspective, it’s actually a pretty neat piece of engineering: dual lasers, warning arc (to help intimidate / avoid escalation), enhanced weather-proofing and more.

What next you ask? Well, seems that Taser has developed a semi-automatic X3 pistol, along with rifles. Whether you believe they save lives or not, I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of one. [ABC]

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