Non-iPad Speaker Dock Says The Kindle Fire's Finally Arrived

It's a rarer occurrence that spotting bigfoot riding the Loch Ness monster, but Grace Digital Audio has just announced a speaker dock designed specifically for the Kindle Fire. You read that right, the FireDock won't even acknowledge the iPad's existence.

Instead of the Apple dock connector included on 99.99 per cent of the speaker docks available on the market, the $US130 FireDock (available come July) will instead connect to the Kindle Fire's headphone jack and USB port at the same time. So while you're enjoying your music or streamed media blasting through the dock's 16-watt speakers, your tablet will also be charging.

The FireDock also accomodates the Kindle Fire's bottom-mounted power button so you can turn the tablet on and off when it's docked, and its mount can be rotated for using the tablet in landscape or portrait orientations. What's that? You say you've got other devices you'd like to connect? Well unlike Panasonic's latest addition, the FireDock includes an aux-in port for connecting whatever you want. [Grace Digital Audio]

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