Video Of New iPads Just Keeps Leaking Out

Video Of New iPads Just Keeps Leaking Out

Apple’s notorious for the level of control it wants to exert over its products, so I can’t imagine that folks in Cupertino will be happy that the new iPad has emerged a few days early. We’d already seen video and stills from Vietnam, and now Hong Kong is getting in on the action.

Australians will technically be the first consumers to get hold of the new iPad when it goes officially on sale, but that hasn’t stopped several of the units from getting loose from Cupertino’s grasp a touch early. Yesterday, it was in Vietnam, where the video review looked like this:

The video is in Vietnamese (no, I don’t speak it, but if any Giz readers do, I’d love a translation) and includes an unboxing. Aren’t we over those by now, especially as Apple so rarely changes the unboxing recipe?

Update: Giz reader Peter Pham has kindly provided a rough translation for us, with timecodes so you can sync it all up:

0:05 Hello we are at the centre for entertainment and relaxation Tinh Te Vn. We have Mr. Tuan here today. We’d like to introduce him to you. He has a website selling and buying iPhones and has brought us here today the iPad 3 in 2012. And this product will be sold later this week in the US, thought right now it has appeared on vietnam, this iPad is on 4G.
0:27 And now we shall open the box and have a look. The shape of the box is exactly like the one before it, however it has the logo of iCloud. iCloud came out on June of last year. What’s special is on the back we have the words ‘4G’. 4G referring to the 4G LTE connection. What we see on this iPad 3 box we see the product model number MD369LL/A. Whereas we see on the iPad 2 the produce model number is MC774LL.
0:56 We also have some information about this iPad. [Points to the word iPad] It is no longer iPad 2 or “iPad beginning”. From now it’s just “iPad”. We shall differentiate it as the third generation iPad or the year it was manufactured which is 2012. There is also a serial.
1:12 [Cut scene to open box] The packaging of the box doesn’t have a lot of change compared with the previous one. Here we have some uses like the key to retrieve the sim. We have the USB cord and the 10 watt charger for the iPad.
1:28 Returning to the iPad 3. There isn’t really any special looks compared to the previous iPad. We also have the 9.7-inch screen. We have the camera button and also the camera. Of course the camera has been upgraded to the iSight camera.
1:43 On the left of the iPad there’s not really much. You also have a tiny hole, that will slide out the sim tray, the micro sim. Take note that on this new iPad, whether on Verizon or AT&T, all have sims accessible to the 4G network. The 4G network is just a different frequency band. However if you use the iPad in Vietnam on Verizon or AT&T, there are all accessible to the 3G network. We can’t really differentiate (or tell) between the two.
2:08 Here we have the input for the 3.5mm jack. This black area here holds the antenna. Here’s the power button and the camera. We see here between the 2 iPads, that the new iPad camera is definitely larger. The camera has a higher resolution that the previous one. We see here the body of the back of both iPads. There is not much difference

2:40 [Cut scene to front view of iPad] We return to the front of the iPad. It still uses the 9.7-inch screen. [Start literal translation] The degree of the length of the screen has increased by 4 times. 2 times on the width and 2 times on the length. Which when are multiplied give 4 times. [End literal
translation] The dpi is as twice as much as the iPad 2 in which Apple has called the “Retina Display”
2:57 Why do we call it “Retina” ’? Retina means when we bring it away from ourselves about 50, near 40 centimetres. Then you will see not see the individual pixels. Whereas on the iPad 2, when you turn it at an angle or place it further away, you will still see the pictures “broken”
3:15 This screen has a very high resolution and this screen is very “smooth” There are some differences with the hardware of the iPad 3, which is the processor. It is the A5X processor, which we can’t see here (in the interface). All the other options (in the interface) are still present here in the iPad 3. What we have special is the option to enable LTE.
3:40 If any wants to buy the iPad 3, the guys over at have let us know that they will sell the iPad on the 17th 13,680,000 Dong ($658 USD), which includes the screen protector and the case which is 700,000 VND ($33 USD). But now even if you had the money you couldn’t buy it, you could only come to Tinh Te and have a look. [Laughter]

Whereas today’s effort comes via Hong Kong, and is voiceover free. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about the music.

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