New Hospital Alarm System Shames Smokers Into Stopping

There's no smoking in front of Forth Valley Royal Hospital in Scotland -- the sign says so -- though nobody really paid attention to it. That's why the hospital installed a loudspeaker-backed smoke alarm commanding cigarette scofflaws -- in no uncertain terms -- to cut that shit out.

"Despite warning signs telling patients, visitors and staff that smoking is banned in the hospital grounds, people continue to smoke. The result is masses of cigarette ends littering the area." Mike Mackay, Contract Director for the company that installed the device, said in a statement. To combat this, the new alarm will play a prerecorded message whenever someone lights up near the hospital's front entrance. The system is reportedly sensitive enough to trigger if even a single person takes a drag. If the current system is successful, the hospital plans to install it at every entrance.

FVRH administrators hope that the new enforcement method will improve conditions for patients and staff while helping the hospital reach its goal of helping 5,000 people in Forth Valley quit smoking by March 2014. As of 2011 it had helped about 1,600 people.

It'll be interesting to see if this actually will dissuade smokers or if people will just learn to tune out the warnings like the rest of urban background noise. [NVFH via CNet - Image: NVFH ]

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    Im sure it will be ignored. Cigarette smokers are some of the most ignorant and stubborn smokers around. I know a few pipe smokers and they are all very considerate people and do not have an addiction that requires a nail every hour, a much more gentlemanly and rewarding pursuit and less offensive to others.

    I love how they are complaining about the litter. I'm guessing since introducing the ban, they got rid of the butt bins?

    A problem of their own creation?

      I think that they're talking about litter to indicate that the number of smokers. Smoking is dangerous because it's a health hazard, where a hospital is kind of in the opposite business.

      You don't think it would send mixed messages if they had 'No Smoking' signs right next to butt bins? If it says 'No Smoking', then that means no god damn smoking. I can't tell you how much I hate having to inhale people's second hand smoke when walking down the street or standing at a railway station. Such a disgusting habit.

        Wakes we want to vomit. I hold my breath walking past smokers. Its disgusting.

          i have asthma and it could cause me an asthma attack

    Secondhand smoke sickens millions and kills more than 600,000 people worldwide each year:

      I wish it would kill you, you choise hating fuck.


        That was an embarrising mistake to make. Still not as embarrising as Bob's comment however.

        well i hope you die too if you chioce kills you no problem if it kills others it shouldnt be legal

    People should get of their high horses and allow people to do what they want. Don't like it? Then don't live in a free society, simple as that.

    (P.S before you jump on at start attacking me, I am a non smoker.)

      what if you get lung cancer they dont just kill themselves but also kill others

    must admit I have dreamt of installing a smoke alarm operated stereo in my backyard... the neighbour can enjoy some crappy music of my choosing while I enjoy his second hand smoke blown over the fence.

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