Nasty Clamps Grab What Gorillas Can't

My Gorillapod can grab onto just about anything as long as it's round, preferably magnetic or made of glass. That limits the places I can actually stick it. The Nasty Clamps, however, are the Bizzaro Gorillapod — attaching to tables, shelves and anything else with an edge.

The Nasty Clamp is, well, a clamp. With an articulated and extendable neck that ends in a quarter-inch mount. This makes it compatible with a variety of devices from iPhones to DSLRs. It's also available with a sun-blocking flag attachment made from LEGO material. It clips onto your rig using a hot-foot attachment to prevent glare and rain from reaching the lens. It can also be used to hold items in front of the camera for making your own Naked Gun intro parody

The only issue with the Clamps is that while they go where the Gorillapod can't, the corralery is that they can't go where the GP can. Since its base is a clamp, it can't stand on its own and is limited to grasping duties. The Nasty Clamp costs $US44, the Nasty Flag costs $US61, and both are available from the company's site. [The Awesomer]

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