Mysterious UFO Fragment Falls In Siberia

Mysterious UFO Fragment Falls In Siberia

The Russian Federal Space Agency and NASA are saying that this is not a part of any of their satellites, rockets or spacecraft. The Russian agency seized the mysterious titanium structure and they are trying to determine its origin.

According to the villagers of Otradnesnky, in Siberia, Russia, the 200kg titanium object with a ridged dome fell in a nearby forest on March 18. While local journalists claim it may be part of fallen Meridian satellite or a ballistic missile, the Russian Federal Space Agency says it’s nothing made by them:

The object is not a rocket or a spacecraft, but final conclusions can only be drawn once it is examined.

There was no radiation near or inside the object.

NASA agrees with their Russian counterparts. Nick Johnson — who directs NASA’s orbital debris office — says that “the object almost certainly is not related to a spacecraft. It also does not look like part of a launch vehicle which has fallen from orbit. However, we cannot be definitive in our judgment without better photos and other data. For example, the date the object fell is vitally important, but I did not see reference to it.”

This is not the first weird object that these villagers have found. Russia Today reports that they found a similar object two years ago. This time, however, there was also a bear living in it.

My thinking is that it may be part of a military experiment, not necessarily space related. You rarely find this kind of structures out there, which are made with a massive amount of titanium and a very high level of precision. If it’s not from a spacecraft, could this be a secret weapon, perhaps? [RT and Life’s Little Mysteries]