Microsoft Shows Off Wearable Interactive Projector

Who needs a laptop or even a tablet when you can wear your computer, and it doesn't even need a screen? That's the promise of one of Microsoft's concept technologies; a wearable interactive multi-touch capable projector.

My inner pedant wishes they'd refer to it as "shoulder-mounted" rather than wearable, which always suggests actual clothing to my mind. That's a minor nitpick against what could be some truly revolutionary technology. [YouTube via The Verge]


    I hope they paid the appropriate licence fee to Apple for that 'slide to unlock' feature.

      beat me by two minutes. LOL

      yes because apple invented everything to do with mobile phone technology.

        No but Apple holds the patent to slide to unlock. You'd know that if you knew anything.

    I wonder if Apple will sue because of the use of "Slide to Unlock" ?

    I'm surprised there's been no 'Predator' jokes! Just me then eh?

      I would have said that cable gives it more of a Ghostbusters vibe..

        Tube = Ghostbusters, but Projector = PLASMA CANNON

        Predator Busters? Just puttin' it out there. I'd pay to see it.

      You were the only other person to immediately think Predator. You're a-okay, mate :D

      Wow yours was hilarious.

    Microsofts a bit late on this one. Didn't a guy invent this already? Sixth sense I think it's called. From MIT? And his one looks better...

      Ayep. Pranav Mistry did live demos of it at TED... in 2009. Couple of pieces, basically the size of a mobile phone and with a ballpark cost of $350.

    This is crap.... Although change the design and make it look like a parrot throw in an eye patch and SOLD!

    This concept was demonstrated on > 1 year ago.
    And it was smaller

      Its not the first time this exact system has been shown, either -! Maybe MS bought the tech or have been funding it?

    more ways to catch germs in the toilet

    military applications in the field are endless

      really? I can't think of any, first thing that pops to mind is night-ops with a lighthouse on your shoulder. Having everyone see what your doing (projected on a wall) could be disadvantageous? Maybe in vehicles?

    A wireless head mount / helmet would ideal, don't you think?

    Oh how I absolutely hate the side slide to unlock features on Apple and Samsung phones. It is the most horrible way to begin interaction with any device.

    Hmm, projectors still use a lot more power than screens though, don't they? Still need less ambient light too and better conditions too, so there'd be pretty low efficiency here all up compared to a tablet or laptop or phone. The lack of bits is a good thing though- just a shoulder mounted setup.

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