Met Opera On Demand: Watch The Opera On Your iPad

Met Opera On Demand: Watch The Opera On Your iPad

I know nothing about the opera other than it’s a browser or that it’s the type of thing fancy people in fancy clothes who like fancy things fancy going to. But you know what? It’s pretty entertaining. Especially when you don’t have to get so fancy and can just watch it on your iPad, like with the Met Opera on Demand app.

What does it do?

The Metropolitan Opera made an app, and why should you care? Well, it has streaming content so you can watch a whole lotta opera. It’s got dozens of productions from the Met’s award-winning ‘Live in HD’ series, classic Met telecasts from 1977-2011, and if you want to get your super old school on, over 250 radio broadcast performances that date as far back as 1936. If you have any semblance of love for the theatre or broadway or plays or musicals or anything of that sort, you should check it out.

Why do we like it?

Opera is a funny animal to me. It sort of exists in this world that doesn’t ever intersect with my world. But if you think about it and remove all of its showy, gaudy, waspy pretentiousness, it’s just a performance. And any performance can be amazing, be it a movie or concert or broadway musical or some dude on the street who spray painted himself with silver and pretends to be a robot. So, yeah, if you know nothing about the Opera, like me, try this app out (it comes with a trial before you have to pay for a subscription) and see what it’s all about. And if you still don’t like it, then, fine.

Met Opera on Demand
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