Marshall Made The Coolest Fridge Ever

If you currently or have ever lived in a dorm, you've lived off Mountain Dew and old pizza kept in a little refrigerator. Except yours probably looked boring and wasn't the spittin' image of an awesome Marshall guitar amp.

The Marshall Fridge -- $US300 and ships October 1, 2012 -- is a standard 125-litre fridge, just with authentic Marshall facing and logos. And control knobs that go to 11, naturally. [Marshall via The Awesomer]


    Have put my name down for one... Now I just have to wait for the disappointment of "sorry, sir but we can't ship to Australia". Still, if you don't put out your dumplings, you don't get any custard, right?

      Also, you can't have any pudding if you don't eat your meat...

      Where do I put my name down Nige? Cheers,Annie

      Guitar World Queensland are selling these in Australia

    OK, that's actually pretty cool.

    And that's not a fridge joke, I swear.

    Doesn't make up for them not releasing a good amp in twenty years! An Ampeg one on the other hand..

    I bet they're enjoying all of the positive feedback!


    Ahh so so pointless. If people want cheap Marshalls that don't suck, google Ceriatone. I got a JCM800 handwired for under a grand. For real (for … uh... cloned, whatever it was cheap and is realyl good). They're based in Malaysia so you can get them built for $700 and shipped for like $250 or something.

      Pretty sure these fridges don't actually function as amps, Charlie ;)

      But yeah, Blackstar is the new Marshall anyway.

    Fuck! Put one on stage anyway! Watch the punters go nuts when you grab a beam can mid-set

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