Lunchtime Deal: Apple iPad 2 Price Roundup

With the iPad announcement yesterday, the RRP of the iPad 2 tumbled; Apple will now sell you a 16GB model for $429 (Wi-Fi) or $579 (3G), but there's still some stock of the 32GB and 64GB models at other retailers, who are also doing a nifty job of undercutting Apple's prices. Dick Smith's pricing on the iPad 2 is $399/$549 (Wi-Fi/3G) for the 16GB models, $499/$649 for the 32GB models and $599/$749 for the 64GB iPad 2. Those are in-store prices, however, so you may need to do some hunting around to find them.

Big W, meanwhile, charges $398/$558 for the 16GB, $498/$648 for the 32GB and $598/$698, meaning it's cheaper across most lines, except weirdly for the 16GB 3G variant. Again, while there's undoubtedly a quantity of stock out there in retail land, it won't be replenished, so if you want a cheap iPad 2 -- especially one with more than 16GB -- the time to act is now. [Big W and Dick Smith via Lifehacker]


    Why is the NEW iPad almost $120 cheaper (top spec) in the US the Aussie dollar is at $1.06 US. I have been an Apple convert for 7/8 years but I am really getting over it.

      Umm... it isn't? Checking Apple's US site, top spec 3/4G 64GB is $US829, and that's without any taxes (because US tax law varies state by state). AU pricing for the same thing is $899 with 10% GST...

      You also have to give some cred to Apple for finally passing some reductions to price.

      Also you have to remember that Australia doesn't have the volume (i.e. buying power) that the US market have mainly due to population, so it's simply not a matter of comparing prices between countries.

    I just can't make myself to buy iPad or iPhone knowing they were manufactured in very poor working condition sweatshops in China. Apple stated before they had 'too much money' why don't they start paying their workers in China properly before making that type of statement??

    I am trying to find the cheapest price out of all the shops in Brisbane or the 16GB Wi-Fi, right now. Target is still $398, though. I get 10% off GST, so that should make a big difference.

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