Lunchtime Deal: Apple iPad 2 Price Roundup

With the iPad announcement yesterday, the RRP of the iPad 2 tumbled; Apple will now sell you a 16GB model for $429 (Wi-Fi) or $579 (3G), but there's still some stock of the 32GB and 64GB models at other retailers, who are also doing a nifty job of undercutting Apple's prices. Dick Smith's pricing on the iPad 2 is $399/$549 (Wi-Fi/3G) for the 16GB models, $499/$649 for the 32GB models and $599/$749 for the 64GB iPad 2. Those are in-store prices, however, so you may need to do some hunting around to find them.

Big W, meanwhile, charges $398/$558 for the 16GB, $498/$648 for the 32GB and $598/$698, meaning it's cheaper across most lines, except weirdly for the 16GB 3G variant. Again, while there's undoubtedly a quantity of stock out there in retail land, it won't be replenished, so if you want a cheap iPad 2 — especially one with more than 16GB — the time to act is now. [Big W and Dick Smith via Lifehacker]

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