Lexar's First 1000x CF Card Available Now For Pros With Deep Pockets

Lexar still won't say how much we can expect to pay for the world's biggest CompactFlash card, but our eyes are on its industry-first 1000x CF card, now that Australian pricing and availability has been released. This baby guarantees minimum read speeds of 150MB/s, which means it's also guaranteed to take a chunk out of your wallet.

First announced at CES earlier this year, Lexar flaunted its 1000x CF card as a world first, along with its 256GB CF whopper. The latter is slated for release in "the first half of 2012", but pricing on that is yet to be announced. Expectations are that it'll cost about a grand, but it's slower than the 1000x with minimum read speeds of 60MB/s. Pro photographers will probably be more inclined to take speed over size anyway.

The 1000x CF card is available now at your usual retailers in four different sizes: 16GB for $169.99, 32GB for $299.99, 64GB for $529.99, and 128GB for $899.99. Man, with prices like that, it's little wonder professional photographers charge so much for their time. [Lexar]

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