Lego, Gameboys And Transformers Collide In This Toy Of Our Dreams

If I had to sum up my favourite things from my childhood, this would be it EXACTLY. Lego: the best kid's toy — bar none. Soundwave: the awesomest and most imitated Decepticon. And Game Boy: the first handheld gaming system that didn't suck. (I'm looking at you Tiger Electronics.)

And Lego builder Julius von Brunk has managed to merge all three into a single Lego creation that has me reaching for my credit card, even though I doubt they'll sell it. Domaster and Tetrawing, as they call it, is a near perfect Lego replica of a Game Boy, complete with insertable batteries and game cart. But it transforms into a perfect Soundwave clone, complete with its own version of Laserbeak from the Tetris cart. I need building instructions, and I need them now. [MOCPages via GoNintendo]

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