Kuwait Played Borat's Obscene Fake Anthem As The Real Kazakhstan National Anthem

Winning a sporting event while representing your country is supposed to be a moment of pride — standing atop the medal podium, hearing your national anthem, feeling all your hard work pay off. Not for this Kazakhstan athlete in Kuwait. Kuwait accidentally blared Borat's obscene parody anthem thinking it was Kazakhstan's real anthem.

Yes, the Kazakhstan anthem from Borat. The same one that includes lyrics which extoll Kazakhstan's prostitutes as the cleanest in the region, calls Israel Jewtown, discusses testes and is prideful of an 80 per cent effective waste filtration system. That song. From the movie that completely embarrassed Kazakhstan.

How could this happen? Did the audio guy download the Borat Kazakhstan anthem MP3 from a dark area of the internet? Did he scour YouTube once he realised Kazakhstan was going to win? How does this system usually work? There isn't an Olympics approved database of national anthems? Is it possible to ever hear Team America's "America F**k Yeah" play at an event?

No matter what, it's amazing that the Kazakhstan athlete handled the situation so well. She should get a gold medal for being a very nice and calm human being. [The Daily What]

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