Kogan Taking On High End Audio Names With iPad Entertainment Unit

Ruslan Kogan's not a man to shy away from a fight — or a publicity opportunity. His latest product is an iPad-compatible speaker dock that he's pitching squarely at the high-end audio market. The Kogan Stereo Entertainment System + iPad Dock doesn't have the snappiest name in this space, but it is relatively inexpensive at $249 — with Kogan's Liveprice sitting around the $200 mark at the time of writing, because you wouldn't get them until early May.

It utilises a custom iOS app for music playback and internet radio streaming according to the release, although that's either in the Apple pipeline or named curiously; there's certainly nothing "Kogan" branded in the App store right now, which suggests it's a rebranded app under another name.

The release (naturally) talks up the sound quality of the speakers, along with the claim that they're "under 1/7th the price of competitors like the Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8."

It also sounds like you might not want to move next door to Ruslan any time soon; he's quoted as saying that

"Don’t be surprised if the number of noise complaints skyrocket once these start hitting Australian homes!"


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