Kinect Capable Microsoft Dev Kit Lets You Build Your Own Robot Butler

One of the smartest things that Microsoft's done around Kinect was to make it as hackable as possible. That's not an entirely altruistic move — it shifts more Kinects and makes it more of a "standard" — but it's still cool. Those with a robotic fetish and a Kinect can now officially play around with Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4. The RDS4 toolkit includes a full simulation kit, so you could build a completely virtual robot, but it's also possible to use the kit with a full real-world Kinect and whatever motors you have handy. As this video shows, those of you with a hankering for your very own robot butler can do so quite simply.

That video refers to a reference platform, helpfully labelled Eddie (but hopefully not a product of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation) to help get budding roboteers started:

[Microsoft via Slashgear]

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