Julie: A Windows Phone 7 Handset That Never Was

Prototypes come and prototypes go — and some, like yesterday's WALT prototype, get put up on eBay for silly money. Then they vanish again. That appears to have been the fate of a Sony Ericsson Windows Phone 7 prototype that appeared briefly on eBay yesterday as well. There's no way that Sony would release this phone, codenamed "Julie", today — if only because the whole division is known as Sony Mobile now after Sony's buyout of Ericsson in their joint venture — but it's an interesting glimpse of what could have been. The eBay listing it jumped up to over $US3,000 before it was pulled, and that's with only the slightest level of detail available about the phone to go on. It must have been a particularly early prototype as well, presuming the screenshot is legitimate, as I don't think IE has ever had that particular logo on WP7 devices. [The Verge]

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