James Cameron's Sub Makes It To The Base Of The Mariana Trench

Is there nowhere that social media can't reach? Not content with being the first solo human being to explore the very depths of the ocean, James Cameron's also the first man to tweet from down there.

The telecommunications aspect of the Deepsea Challenger is being handled by Telstra, and it's obviously working. About 10 minutes ago, Cameron tweeted the following:

"Just arrived at the ocean's deepest pt. Hitting bottom never felt so good. Can't wait to share what I'm seeing w/ you @DeepChallenge"

[Twitter /National Geographic]

Image: National Geographic

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    I've been following this for a few months now.

    An absolutely amazing feat for all involved.

      Dethklok did it better.

    Just imagine the roaming charges

    He sure does take his work seriously. How come a private person has built a sub that can go this deep.. If we can go this deep with a sub then we can put people on Mars.

      The difference between getting to Mars and the bottom of the Ocean is about $5 trillion dollars. Don't bet on it happening within the next 30 years.

        Oh yeah, sorry I forgot that the US spent their Mars money on a useless war.

          Not to mention there's no sign of oil there.

    I may not like his movies but James Cameron has done a lot to further the science of our oceans.
    We still know more about Mars then we do the bottom of our oceans. I can't wait to see what photos he takes down there. :)

      I reckon his videos from the bottom may well be more interesting then his movies ....

        I absolutely love that quote. I use it a lot when talking about space.

    i think its more amazing that something done by telstra works down there , certainly wouldnt trust my life to something with that logo

      Oh you're heading to the bottom of the ocean *today*?

      Sorry, your line was stuck in provisioning. Please call back in 24 to 48 hours if it's not working.

        FCUKEN PROVISIONING!!!!!!! 15 Gb my backside

        Grumble mumble razza grunt

    Yeah yeah who cares, more importantly did the Rolex beast make it??

      He should have used facebook not TWITTER so he could post pictures of the watch too, then not just the stated time we could have a pic for a screensaver for free LOL

        Yeah good one, and then FB would claim ownership of the images he took

        Because you know he only went miles underwater, tho that's probably still FB's property & jurisdiction

    remember he's filming avatar 2 down there

    I hope Mr Cameron claimed the area and planted a flag decreeing "for all mankind except for the Russians who are claiming vast tracts of the ocean floor to drill for petroleum". Granted a big flag but a good one!

    I'm pretty sure the marianas trench is considered US territory, I mean the US would have the nearest claim to it since it is right off of Guam... a US territory.. not sure what the laws are regarding how far out from land a sea bed is considered as part of a country..

    Can.t wait for his docs about this to come out will be awsome

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