iTether Is Back, Bypassing Hotspot Restrictions And The App Store

iTether lasted all of five seconds on the App Store before Apple pulled it for some silly reason like it being designed for the singular purpose of bypassing an iPhone's hotspot limitations. But iTether is back and there is nothing Apple can do about it.

Apple is powerless to stop iTether this round because the app is employing the ingenious solution of of running as HTML5 code. This means the app doesn't have to be installed from the App Store and the user doesn't need to jailbreak their phone to use it. iTether instead can be employed as a surrogate modem by connecting the iPhone (or iPad) to an ad-hoc Wi-Fi connection with the PC and using a client program on that machine to log into the iTether website and use the feature.

The app costs $US30 annually, or $US15 if you buy within the next week or so, from the iTether site. [iTether via The Verge]

Image: Preetam Rai.

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