Is Your New iPad Overheating?

If you got a new iPad last week, you may not have set foot outside your home all weekend. You may also, as some users are reporting, have experienced an overheating issue following that extensive use.

A bunch of forum postings seem to suggest that the new iPad has an overheating problem. We're not just talking about it getting a little bit hotter — all the iPads get warm, after all, and other Apple products can provide a toasty experience — but instead it seems to suffer a rather debilitating jump in temperature.

Some users, according to The Next Web, have reported that the iPad shuts down and a message pops up, saying "the iPad needs to cool down". The heating seems to be isolated to a single corner of the tablet, and current speculation lays the blame at the feet of the larger battery and beefier processor. And, uh, obviously the lack of active cooling.

It's not clear how widespread the issue is, so let us know if you've been experiencing problems. [CNET]

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