Is Your New iPad Overheating?

If you got a new iPad last week, you may not have set foot outside your home all weekend. You may also, as some users are reporting, have experienced an overheating issue following that extensive use.

A bunch of forum postings seem to suggest that the new iPad has an overheating problem. We're not just talking about it getting a little bit hotter -- all the iPads get warm, after all, and other Apple products can provide a toasty experience -- but instead it seems to suffer a rather debilitating jump in temperature.

Some users, according to The Next Web, have reported that the iPad shuts down and a message pops up, saying "the iPad needs to cool down". The heating seems to be isolated to a single corner of the tablet, and current speculation lays the blame at the feet of the larger battery and beefier processor. And, uh, obviously the lack of active cooling.

It's not clear how widespread the issue is, so let us know if you've been experiencing problems. [CNET]



    I really have not experienced this at all. How long does it take? Must be more than a couple of hours of use surely?

      No, even <30 minutes will get warm. Doesn't need graphics-intensive apps either, so I suspect it's the screen chowing down too much power, rather than the processor.

    Mine gets very hot after 15-20 min of regular web browsing, and it's not hot weather (20-23°). Wifi only model.

    Noticed this on the weekend.
    It heated up so much at one stage you could have cooked an egg on it.
    Happened only after 20-30 minutes of a friend playing with it so not sure what exactly they were pottering around with at the time (didn't think to ask).
    Have not had enough time since then to play with it so not sure if it's triggered by something specific like video or gaming.

      I'll buy one to cook my eggs on while I play with my kick-ass Galaxy Tab.

        Picked up a galaxy tab in a store and found it laggy. Especially when it was next to a sweet transformer prime with the dock. Thats a real iPad alternative

          I found my S2 is better with ADW launcher instead of Touchwiz, not a fan of manufacturer launchers generally. They tend to be laggy and try to own the experience, which isn't why you buy an android...

          Managed to make it overheat playing World of Goo on it also, but that was when I was experimenting with a custom rom.

            My Moto Xoom + Tiamat ICS rom is silky smooth. Hopefully the G Tab will be the same when it gets ICS too.

        Will your parents let you cook in their basement?
        Remember what happened last time!

    Have fun cooking your bacon and eggs isheeps hahahaha

      derp... derp... derp... hahaha

    My iPhone 4S is having this problem too, and getting worse I think

    Pffft, that's nothing. Try using a Samsung Windows Slate with Core i5. It's a $1400 heater with inbuilt turbo fan for whole room warming goodness. Seriously that Samsung pad gets thermo nuclear just using Office!

    yes. Its related to the excess power consumption caused by cranking the brightness to 100%. The heat is being generated, in my case, in the left side, where the new battery sits.

    This was showing up about 20 minutes into usage, and occured whether gaming or web browsing.
    My problem has disappeared after 2 days, though.

    Nothing new for apple products. I've seen several iPhails with large black spots in the screen associated with over heating.

      "iPhails "

      Maybe you should do this for a living.

    Mine gets most definitely warm.

    Wouldn't say it's close to overheating though.

    I just had mine replaced today bought it Sunday and noticd it getting hot after 15-20 mins of surfing. My iPad 2 never got hot. Also notice battery not charging fully.

    More Lithium battery fails for Apple waiting to burst into flames?

    I'm surprised MotorMouth hasn't showed yet! lol

    Another Mac/iPad post, another pack of trolls!!

    Apple forums suggest that you drain the battery fully until it get turned off and then charge it to stop it from over heating..

    Overheating? No. But it does get a lot warmer near the corners than the last one.

    New iPad ~This cooks everything

    We got our nwe Ipad here in Hobart on Friday 16th March (last Friday) first day on sold. Heard about the apparent overheating yesterday (2oth). We have had zero problems as fas a heat is concerned with ours. We love it. Barely gets warm at all. BTW I'm a dedicated pc guy who always HATED Mac gear. Not any more. Brilliant item. Amazing sound, amazin graphics. like I said doesn't overheat at all even after > 1 hours use. WHen you use apps like Garagabank you realize theres nothing on the PC to match it.

    Same as above. Had mine for a week in which time it has undergone heavy use and have never had it heat to anything beyond luke warm, even when playing graphically intense games. Also have not experienced any of the charging "issues" and battery life has been rock solid. Couldnt be happier with it. Strongly recommend that anyone experiences these apparent 'egg cooking ' temps (if they arnt just trolling) get Apple to replace it as it defiantly seems to be the exception.

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