Is This The Samsung Galaxy S III?

According to GSM Helpdesk Netherlands, this is Samsung's next superphone, the Galaxy S III. The image is supposedly an official press shot, and the the timing makes some sense, since it's about a year since we first saw a leak about the Galaxy S II.

GSM's tipster also includes some specs that have been floating around for a while, like a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, a 4.7-inch 720p Super-AMOLED screen at 313ppi and a 12MP camera. May 22 is mentioned as a launch date, which jibes with some recent rumours and the May 22 date on the phone's home screen. The phone looks really nice for the many fans of humongous phones with humongous specs. [GSM Helpdesk via BGR]


    The troll under my desk just said it looks like an iPhone......

      how funny, my troll just said the same thing!

      My thoughts exactly.

      'Cept better.

      That's not a troll, that's a penis.

    If they get the screen colour temperature right this time I might get it.

    ausdroid sorted this out almost a week ago

    to quote..

    Dean Bull4 days ago

    Its a Galaxy Wifi 4.2. Photoshop'd with Galaxy s2 front camera / sensors [FAIL] ;)

      ausdroids one had 5 icons in row. This only has 4

    C'mon guys the screen shot it the same gingerbread one from the S2s surely had to be a give away that this a fake, that's not to say it wont look similar but it's definitely not genuine.

      What you're seeing is touchwiz, ICS or GB are below the surface.

        Yup, that's definitely Gingerbread, based on the green battery icon - I say FAKE!

    It probably wouldnt even ship with ICS. Lazy Samsung. Specs sound good though..It will make an awesome phone even better. The galaxy phones are the only real iPhone competitors

    It has an HTC One X look to it. Unless there's anything more to those specs HTC One has the advantage this year in my opinion

    If that's what it looks like.. I don't want one. It looks too much like an iPhone 3 with the face of an iPhone 4. When I buy a Samsung, or other phone, I don't want it to look like another phone.. I want it to have a look and style of its own.. to stand out from the pack.. but this one doesn't..

    And 4.7" screen?? whatever Samsung.. guess I'll be moving over to the Nokia Windows Phones after my contract is up.

      It's not much like an iPhone at all. No circular home button, has three total buttons on the front. Looks like an even curve on the edges. and then their stupid touchwiz interface which clearly has widgets instead of boring rows of apps. If anything, it looks too much like a Samsung Galaxy S2.

    4.7inch? too big TOO BIG!!!

      Aww there there. If you stretch your anus daily, you'll be able to fit bigger.
      *Strokes his Galaxy Note*

    313ppi? less than iPhone 4 (launched 2010).

    and all you people say iPhone is behind on technology. PFFFFFFFFFT.

    1. Take the one single spec that is not as good as iPhone, irregardless of how useful it is
    2. Ignore all other superior specs and features
    3. Claim Samsung Galaxy S3 is "behind on technology"
    4. ???
    5. Profit?

    Not in this case...

    I don't like the corners as compared to the Galaxy S2.

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