iPhone App Helps Aussies Check For Skin Cancer

Warm summer days are what makes Australia great, right? Warmth from the sun is OK, but not when it leads to skin cancer. A new locally developed iPhone app helps Australians check their skin before it's too late. The free Know Your Own Skin app is an interactive iPhone application that teaches you to check over your skin at the start of each season, as well as encouraging you to check with a doctor if you do notice any genuine skin irregularities. The release for the application quotes Dr Stephen Shumack, a Consultant Dermatologist from Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital who has been involved in the app's development.

"All Australians are at risk of developing sun damage related skin conditions, due to our past sunbathing habits and the inevitable exposure we all get to the sun’s UV rays. Australians can limit their risk of skin cancer by understanding their own skin and using the new iPhone app to complete a simple skin check at the start of each season. People should also ask their family doctor to include a skin check as part of a routine medical check, so they can diagnose areas of damage and recommend appropriate treatment."

[Know Your Own Skin]

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