iPad Launch Queues: They're Still A Thing [Video]

Some eight hours after Telstra and Big W started selling the iPad in Australia, Apple got in on the game. Apple's historically managed to generate plenty of hype and overly large queues for its product launches, but yesterday's queue was noticeably down on previous events. So what happened when the clock struck eight? The first guy in line was there as a publicity stunt, and not buying the iPad for himself; while many may end up on eBay regardless (especially as eBay allowed selling of iPads before you could even buy one), it's the rest of the queue that's actually there "for the event", as it were.

And what a queue it was. When I checked in at 5pm yesterday, the queue was looking distinctly thin. Whereas by this morning -- well, I'll let the video do the talking.


    So which model did Alvin buy?


    Ps. Why are they clapping again??

      The clapping freaks me out. I went to the original iPad launch at the Chermside Apple Store (at the time there was no idea who was going to be selling them, and it was on my way to a meeting). It was such a horrible experience.

      Did they kill your family? Did you lose money? Does this have anything to do with you? What people do with their lives has nothing to do with you. You still got your money, your life and your family wasn't killed. We can buy what we want, how we want and where we want. You don't like it just don't look at it.

        You're free to buy what you want, how you want, and where you want. Likewise, we're free to mock you for it.

        Lol, it's impossible to 'not look at it' when the streets are filled with you guys, can't be avoided.

        Also, like Max said, you're free to do what you want, and so are we. Good for you if you are excited that much about it, go for your life. But there's always going to be people who don't see the big hype etc, like myself, and we will have an opinion on the whole thing. Don't whinge because it's different from your opinion.

        (Posted by someone who jumped ship from Android to iPhone and won't go back, in case you think I'm on the Apple-hating bandwagon.)

      iSheep? are you serious. oh god you are... enjoy your flimsy plastic Fandroid "smart"phone


    What I find funny are the people who like to follow the isheep around calling them isheep.

    Really? I can't fathom waiting for anything in a line like this (especially if you're near the end of it)

    C'mon people, in a week's time you'll be able to walk straight in and out again, no worries. This makes no sense. Some people are obsessed I guess. I love my apple gear to bits but they'll never have me lining up like some kind of tech starved oliver.


      Never mind a weeks time. go to JB at the same time, why would you ever line up like that just to get the same product that is now available in so many other places?

        People don't line up for that reason though, that's the thing. I mean maybe there was a day when it was like that, but it's such a social even now, people go for all sorts of reasons. Say, to talk to new people about shared topics of interest, cover the event (like Alex did in this post), and the list goes on.
        The opinion that everybody is in the line just because they want the iPad quick is completely false, because people aren't idiots, if they wanted to do that, they'd just order it online, or go to one of the other smaller retailers.
        Admittedly though, the clapping is real weird from experience..

          people aren't idiots? have you met people?

    It's pretty dumb, I very doubt there will be any queues at Dick Smith Seven Hills or Plumpton...or Big W Chullora...

    wife sauntered into Target at 9:00am and picked one up no worries at all.

    Apparently theres a significant line outside thePerth store right now.

    I saw those same guys at the 'we are the 99%' protests


    absolutely lame people, do they really have nothing better to do? is their life that uneventful? least the guy in front is getting paid to be there, only sane person there.

    If there was ever an example of the need for steady cam, this was it. Not sure what the jumping was about and at this point the clapping is kind of getting old. It looks incredibly forced and none of the employees really wanted to be doing it.

    Jeez I'm getting ranty in my old age (30).

    iFeel so iStupid for not understanding the iNeed to iStand in iQueue.
    Thank goodness for iSheep, makes the iStupids like me look more iNtelligent

      Not really.

    The fact that people think the sole and main reason people line up for these things is that they want the device quick and for certain, continues to baffle me.
    People aren't idiots, if they wanted to do that, they'd order online, or go to a smaller retailer. No shit right? People go to these lineups for the most part, the social event. In the same way that people go to reader meet-ups of some blogs.

    Yep, the three groups are there: The morons, the attention seekers, and then the followers.

    I wouldn't for a minute think those queuers are representative of Apple buyers though. They're just the idiots who line up, nothing more.

    I don't see why people keep complaining about others lining up. No one forced you to line up. People can do what they want. Their not stealing or killing. You don't like it just don't read it and go and read the Sports section of the newspaper or something.

      The sports section, as though lining up like a herd of consumer cattle is in any way more cultured than reading about grown men who've made a career out of chasing balls around.

    Yeah, I've never lined up an iPad/iPhone but I think it's a little unfair to just make assumptions about why people do things. Haven't you ever been excited for something enough that you're willing to be inconvenienced some for the experience? I remember the feeling of picking up my PS2 on launch day at an inconvenient time in an inconvenient place. (Not to mention expensive. :P) Had nothing to do with following the crowd or seeking attention. Just the culmination of a long time anticipating and the experiencing surrounding it. (Although the iPad 3 was announced about two weeks ago. So not THAT much of a wait. :P)

      Ah, one day I'll proof read my posts too. :P

    Ok... I get lining up for a 1 off sale, or a 1 off concert/event, but... this product will be available for at least a year.... what is the point? I just don't get it?!?

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