Intoxicase Opens Your Bottles And Tallies Your Level Of Debauchery

Spending an afternoon drinking in the alley with your favourite neighbours is all well and good, but around the 8th bottle of Alamo things might get hazy. The Intoxicase for iPhone not only tracks how many man sodas you've consumed, it will even crack you open a freshie as well.

The Intoxicase is a two part system composed of a bottle-opening iPhone 4/4S protector and drink-tracking free app. The case includes a sturdy bottle opener mounted on the phone's back, rather than weaker bottom edge like other opener-cases. The case actually comes in two varieties: the Intoxicase, which features a fixed Pub-style opener, and the Intoxicase Plus, which features a slimmer, folding-style opener. Both versions cost $35 at the Intoxicase site, though the Plus is still on pre-order.

The app will keep track of the bottles you've opened with the case, call you a cab when you're too buzzed to drive, find your car when you're too dumb to call a cab, play a song whenever you crack open a new bottle, and even post your evening's total to Facebook and Twitter. It also records your drinking habits to an on-board "beer log" by brand and graph your descent into alcohol dependency as a function over time. [Time via iPhoneHacks via Technabob]

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