International Space Station Should Be Visible From Melbourne This Weekend

Stargazers are in for a small, bright treat over the next few days as the International Space Station should be visible to eagle-eyed Melbourne residents.

According to iTWire, the first sightings were Thursday and Friday, however, you'll be able to spot the orbiting habitat tonight at around 8:25PM and Monday from 7:05PM. You'll have five minutes to take the space station in before it vanishes once more into the darkness of the cosmos. While it can be seen, it should look like a fast-moving, bright dot.

The satellite's path can be tracked at this website, while more specific pass-over times and co-ordinates can be found at NASA.

I won't pretend to be a seasoned astronomer, so if you have any tips or suggestions on getting the best view and where to look, please share!

Image: NASA.


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