Intel's Next-Gen Atom Chipset Could Have Supercharged Ivy Bridge Graphics

It's been known for quite some time that Intel wants to enter the tablet space. When its Atom-based Balboa Pier chipset hits in early 2013, it could ultimately power the first Intel-based tablet people care about thanks to a rumoured quad-core processor, eight gigabytes of RAM and Ivy Bridge-class graphics. Whoa.

This latest info comes from a leaked roadmap from Advantech, and according to one Intel engineer, the Valley View CPU contained within is a lot like the current-gen Cedar View Atom CPU, but with the graphical prowess of the integrated graphics that will be featured in the Ivy Bridge chipset. The Atom class of processors have been somewhat in flux as of late ever since netbooks died off and the MacBook Air switched over to Intel's Core i5/i7 family of processors. With support from Motorola and Android on the way, maybe this will be the tipping point for Intel in the mobile space. [Advantech via Phoronix via The Verge]

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