Inside Footage From Fukushima's Deepest Crisis

PBS cringe-inducing documentary Nuclear Aftershocks takes you about as far inside Fukushima's rupturing, quake-paralysed nuclear plant as you want to get. We've pulled together the most jarring moments here, where Japanese workers struggled to prevent a disaster from exploding further.

Exploding, literally. As you'll see, rescue workers and engineers were working inside a building that was literally self-destructing. The moment they describe, post-blast, nuclear materials seeping into their masks, and visions of certain death, the meltdown loosens itself from year-old headlines and feels new again. It feels real again -- and for the people of Japan, it is. Be sure to watch the doc in its entirety -- it's a terrific film.


    The score

    Tsunami Deaths 35,000 +
    Nuclear Plant Deaths - Zero

    Again the antinuclear alarmist bending the truth! Shame, shame!

      Where? in this video? or in general? It was obviously a dangerous situation.

      How on earth could you substantiate a claim that this video involves shameful lies from the little that is in this video. I'm sure you wouldn't say that to the workers who risked their lives.

      But then again, what should I expect - completely unprovoked you used this inoculous report like this to fly into a "Shame!" rant. My god, have some sense. All one needs to say is it hasn't turned into a full blown chernobyl, like many feared it would.

        Haw many people died as a result of the Chernobyl disaster, and how many people die on the roads every month?

      +1 to Lance. Anti-nuclear alarmist crap.

        ... and how many people are killed in the coal mining industry every year? Nuclear is WAAAY safer than the standard energy producing practice.

    Ah pro-nuclear apologetic crap! It is really sick that some people are heralding this as no big deal because enough people have not died to meet whatever standard for "horrible" they have in their head. Short of acute radiation sickness, high radiation exposure takes years, sometimes decades to show up as cancer. Many of the thousands who work at the plant are contractors and will have no benefits after they leave. People in Futuba were standing outside waiting for a bus to evacuate when unit 1 exploded and had insulation from the building raining down on them. People in Japan are having a hard time accessing a body scan to know how exposed they really are. The government is gridlocked and unmotivated to address the public health issues. ACRO and some other NGOs run body counter machines and are booked solid. They can't meet demand. Japan and the rest of the world really dodged a bullet.

      Hehe, I enjoyed this. First, NO people died. Non. So yeah, that meets the 'enough people have not died' standard. Plus 'it is really sick' to me that Fukushima (or Futuba as you put it) gets all the attention when 10's of thousands of people died from the Tsunami. Yeah, Japan dodged a bullet. F**k me.

    And what about the fallout for generations to come?
    Are you going to count these deaths and genetic mutations as accidents not related?
    Eh? Eh? Eh? Eh?

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