Inattentive Texter Takes A Dip In Lake Michigan

And you thought walking into a mall fountain or falling flat on your face was bad. This lady took a long walk off a short pier on account of her need to text.

Bonnie Miller ran into some technical difficulties on Monday. While she was returning a text, the Benton Harbor resident accidentally plunged into Lake Michigan. She had reportedly been walking along the South Pier with her husband and 15-year-old son around 9:30 pm Monday when she became distracted with returning a text and walked clear off the end of the pier. "I had set an appointment for the wrong time and so I sent about three words," Miller described. "Next thing you know it was the water."

Both her husband and a bystander jumped into the water after her and quickly pushed the waterlogged typer onto a ladder hanging from the pier's edge. The police and Coast Guard both responded to the situation and helped extract Miller's two rescuers. "I couldn't let pride stand in my way of warning other people to not drive and text or walk and text," Miller explained. "I can't believe how many people came, I'm really quite embarrassed. I'm just so grateful to be alive, I have a new lease on life." Hopefully her new life will include occasional glances up from the screen. [ABC 57 News - Image: John Brueske / Shutterstock]



    "I have a new lease on life." Seems a bit dramatic.

    Don't people judge how far they can walk safely before they put their head down in their phone? I mean it's not hard to judge if in a few steps you're gonna smash into a wall/fall off the edge of something/walk onto the road and get hit by a bus.

    Situational awareness? Pfft, don't need that eh.

    She makes it sound like she fell off a cliff, I assume she could swim, so a minor fall into a lake is nothing terrible. If she could reach the ladder, what prevented those rescueing her from doing the same?

    Some people are just stupid.

    And the water temperature was? It doesn't take long to become disoriented because of hypothermia.

    Must be a very slow typist- she said she sent 3 words and in that time managed to fall off the pier!

    All i could think of was: Geez did the phone survive the water damage?


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