Impossible Slot Car Track Lets You Race More Than Two Cars At Once

Impossible Slot Car Track Lets You Race More Than Two Cars At Once

We might not have real working hoverboards yet, but Scalextric has somehow done the impossible with a slot car set that allows up to six individually controlled cars to race on a single two-lane track. Clever engineering or just downright sorcery?

The Scalextric Digital series uses a special control unit that assigns each car a unique ID so that even though two vehicles might be sharing the same lane, they can each be controlled by a different pistol grip remote. That’s simply mind-blowing. You can even tweak the cars’ handling and sensitivity for novice or experienced drivers, or handicap a particularly skilled racer to level the playing field.

The $US800 Scalextric Digital Platinum set, which Pocket-lint put through its paces, even comes with a highly detailed set of sports cars including pairs of Porshce 997s, Lamborghini Gallardo GTs and Audi R8s.

While passing obviously isn’t so easy when your car’s locked to a lane with a guidepin, the course includes optional cross-overs, and there seems to be more emphasis on simply running your opponents off the road when you head into a corner. Somehow this just gets better and better. [Scalextric via Pocket-lint]

Image: Pocket-lint