I’m Putting My Face On This Tricked Out Bag

I’m Putting My Face On This Tricked Out Bag

Look, I’m a bag junkie. I have far too many. I’m into messenger bags the way some people are into sneakers. I carry one everywhere I go, and I love having ones that stand out.

So I’m pretty excited to try this new design-it-yourself model, from Rickshaw Bagworks, that lets you completely trick out your bag. While a lot of companies let you design your own bag by picking out patterns and colours, this actually lets you use your own artwork.

Rickshaw partnered with Zazzle to let you print patterns on fabric. So, you can upload an image to Zazzle, or just add whatever text you want, and Rickshaw will print that on a custom bag. (If you’re noticing a custom theme today, well, yeah.)

For $US85, it’s not a bad deal. The bag is Rickshaw’s medium size Zero Messenger, which is big enough to hold a 13-inch laptop and quite a bit of gear.

Zazzle asks that you “ensure that you have the right to use the images you upload”, and I’m not going to be a jerk and upload someone else’s image. And while I’d love to have a bag with my own custom art, well, I suck at art. So I’ve gone with a photo of myself. Vain? Sure. But this thing is going to be very hard to steal. [Rickshaw]