HTC One X Also Coming To Optus On April 2

When Virgin Mobile announced it'd be selling the One X, I pretty much picked that it'd also end up at Optus as well. Optus has just confirmed this, as well as announcing its pricing plans. Optus' pricing isn't differing greatly from Virgin Mobile's prices, with the suggested contract plan for businesses or consumers being a $59/month 24-month plan. Optus' website states that pre-orders placed by March 29 should be delivered to metropolitan areas by April 2 -- I wonder when they're launching it?

If you've got an ABN, there's a small incentive to register it as a business phone, given that the consumer plans get two months of free access while the business plans get three. [Optus]


    I was so keen for the One X until I learnt it wont have a memory expansion slot - since small internal memory is the biggest bug-bear I have with my Desire.
    I think my only other option is the velocity 4g, but what do others think?

      Apparently ICS is becoming less expandable storage-dependent, and Google is doubling down on cloud storage, which is all well and good for the US but it sucks when all our carriers (bar one) has reliable reception and generous plans.

    nah wait til the Nokia lumia 900 or samsung galaxy 4g over the velocity 4g.

    Yeah AnalogAndroid; the internal memory on the desire is retarded. Fair enough it was their first droid phone on the market but it's a joke. I have a desire atm but I still plan on getting this phone in the next few months as 128mb of internal memory is no longer an issue. I think its 32Gb which is plenty for me anyway.

      Leigh, I installed the oxygen rom the other day on my HTC Desire. It's now awesome. I've installed everything I want and it's not running out of room. It's also much more snappy than it was before. I've tried about 8 different roms before settling on oxygen.

        It's not really fair to compare a fixed 32GB of internal memory to 128MB of internal memory.....I have a Desire and it drives me nuts, even on Cyanogen Mod. I have to uninstall Apps to put new ones on, even with App2SD. But I doubt I could fill up 32GB with Apps....

    what is the logic behind not having memory expansion slots!? I might be ok with a 32gb phone, but anything else is just retarded

      Their position is that expandable memory will be less useful once all your music can be streamed from the cloud wherever you go. Same goes for movies, documents etc. This sounds great in theory, but they didn't really take non-US carriers into account because my reception and downspeed/bandwidth still stink.

      Australian consumers still need expansion slots.

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