Make Your Own USB Password Generator Dongle

Ah, passwords. Regardless of what system you use, they're a pain in the arse to manage, remember or access. But maybe there's a solution. What about making a USB dongle that enters and creates new passwords every time you plug it in?

Joonas Pihlajamaa decided to give it a try, and put together this little USB drive. Every time he plugs it into a PC, it enters his password. Tap Caps Lock four times in succession, and it generates a new password ready for next time.

To make it, he gutted a USB stick and created some new circuitry using an Attiny chip, a handful of resistors, a couple of diodes and a scrap of breadboard. It looks easy enough that I could do it — which says quite a lot.

If you fancy having a go, he's gives a full rundown of the process in this guide. [Code and Life via Hack a Day]



    And this is why you need to be afraid of plugging in random USB devices, they can pretend to be keyboards/mice and do pretty much whatever they want.

      You dropped your foil hat good sir...

        Ah, love it!

        Oh I'm not worried about malice, more incompetence. I've seen USB keys that try to install shovelware this way, what could possibly go wrong?

          Which is why the corporate network I support has autorun disabled on each of the 7500 PC's... you can't trust the average user to not do something stupid.

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