How To Get Personal Hotspot Working On New Aussie iPad Right Now Without Jailbreaking

One of the promised features of the new iPad was that it'd support Personal Hotspot, but here in Australia, the feature's been notably absent. Here's how to enable it -- no jailbreak required. Huge, huge thanks to Dean for pointing this out. He'd discovered it while trying to change the carrier logo on his iPad. Previous iPads and iPhones would let you do this via an .ipcc file, but the new iPad seems to block it.

That's not a whole lot of fun, but what is fun -- and I've just done this to the office iPad, so I can confirm it works -- is that trying to change the carrier logo (which you can do without any form of jailbreaking) somehow enables the personal hotspot mode.

Disclaimer: This obviously isn't an official Apple procedure, may well be a bug that'll get patched over, and in any case you proceed AT YOUR OWN RISK. Now, on with the show.

The whole process is, frankly, stupendously simple. Dean was using an ipcc file from Beau Giles' web site, here to try to change his logo. It didn't work, but the instructions do. Basically, what you need to do is download an .ipcc file from Beau's site, and follow the instructions there:

For both Mac OS X and Windows, make sure iTunes is closed before proceeding.

For Mac OS X; open up and paste in the following

defaults write carrier-testing -bool true
For Windows, open up Run (Winkey+R) and paste the following;

"%ProgramFiles%\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
If you’re running Windows x64 bit, do this instead:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1 Done! Now simply connect your iPhone, open up iTunes, select your iPhone from the sidebar, and hold down option (Windows users, hold down Shift instead) while you click on restore. Now simply point your way to the .ipcc file you wish to load. You may also want to repeat the above, but click on ‘Check for Updates’ instead.

Now once that is finished, reboot your iPhone and you should be good to go.

What's what's meant to happen for the carrier logo update, but it doesn't actually change the logo -- or at least hasn't as far as I can see. Rebooting the office iPad once brought up the hotspot function that was previously absent, but greyed out.

Rebooting it one more time got it up and working. I've connected a few devices to it, and it definitely works. There's no telling whether this is a quirk that'll be quashed quickly or not, but if you bought a new iPad with the expectation of using it as a hotspot, it's very useful to have -- especially as the new iPad's connection speeds are markedly better than the original model.



    Why did they disable it in the Australian version? Seems like apple doesnt like Australia at all. Expensive apple products, restricted programs, hardware features that we cant even use, 4G etc..

      From digging around the Internet, seems to be a problem with the non-US carrier images -- and not something that's been done locally at the behest of any carrier.

      But otherwise, nice trolling try.

    I'm under the impression that carrier settings are not wholly governed by Apple, but the carrier themselves. They advise Apple on certain "features" to be dis/enabled e.g. personal hotspot then Apple pushes the carrier update out…at least that's the way it was back when the iPhone 3G was released

    Still its a ridiculous joke that the iPad doesn't support tethering in the older hardware - a device like this with such a large battery is a perfect device for tethering. iPhone has it, all other tablets have it, why not iPad? Steve says, that's why.

    Good thing its so easy to JB.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Some how I don't think Steve said!!!

      Actually Steve did say in a typical terse fashion in a email to someone asking if they would ever be able to: "No."

    Carrier settings are exactly that, the carrier's settings. As with previous iOS releases you see different carriers operating differently. Optus initially charged for tethering while others gave it away free, the same is true with the iPad, some will offer the hotspot feature and some won't. It is not uncommon for mobile devices to have features that are network dependent. Even ten years ago mobile handsets had many features that were network/carrier dependent.

    This fix doesn't appear to work in the UK unfortunately but thanks for sharing. My broadband landline only gets about 2-3 mbs. my Ipad on three network ( 3g) gets 9.5mbs actual so it will be great when they get this thing blummin working!

    If you're on an Optus iPad post-paid plan and this tip doesn't work for you, if you have access to a sim-card from another phone/friend that does allow tethering then you can make it work. :)

    Turn off the iPad
    Swap out the sim with the account that has tethering enabled
    Turn on the iPad
    Configure tethering
    Turn tethering on
    Turn tethering off
    Turn off the iPad
    Swap back the original sim
    Turn on the iPad
    Welcome to the tethered world!

    So will this allow tithing on my prepaid virgin phone also?

    hmm tethering on my iPad 2 on Telstra never was active.
    I currently have an iPad 3rd Gen with AT&T (im in the US right now) and personal hotspot isn't present either..

      I have IPAD 3rd Gen with AT&T in the US... So far no get hot spot active....Done above procedure...
      Any Help or Ideas what to do...?

    You say connect your iPhone. You mean iPad right?

    I'm with Telstra, and this worked perfectly - first time. I'm a happy camper :)

    Didn't work for me - SIM-unlocked iPad2. The logo actually DID show up (In White/Black), and the Hotspot is nowhere to be seen - not even greyed out.

      same here, too big (retina dpi?) logo shows but no hotspot

    I tried this and it didn't work - or so I think. Afterwards I went exploring in the preferences and I found that there was a new APN setting (under Cellular Data) called "Internet Tethering" . I added my regular APN configuration there and suddenly the Personal Hotspot feature appeared. I don't know if this was there all the time or if this was enabled by my meddling with the ipcc files, but there it is. Screenshots showing where the settings are are available here:

    Thanks for that. I have Mac Lion so where does the .ipcc file store?

    I cant seem to enter the Beau Giles’ web site. Is it down or something? Does anyone still have the .ippc file and willing to share?

    I saved the ipcc file but when i went to restore in itunes as per the instructions it wanted a .ipsw file. I hesiate to change the file extension. Any ideas?

    newiPad 16Gb, Telstra 3g(4g) 2 weeks old.

    Made a mistake in last post, should read
    I found the .ipcc file here followed instructions on
    went to “General” on my iPad Settings, clicked on network and there it was “Personal Hotspot”

      would you know where we can find the .ipcc file for Brazilian carriers, in special Vivo?

    worked perfectly on UK iPad but with Kuwaiti carrier, just like how Rasmus said I needed to update the APN settings which was not updatable before applying the ipcc (the tethering part) wasn't getting saved before but after applying it and rebooting twice it worked


    Tried your suggestion tony. No luck. I have changed the file extension to .ipsw but it says iTunes says it doesn't recognise the firmware version.

      I tried again and went through the procedures again and yes it works. Got the telstra logo up, although it is monochrome not colour. The personal hotspot is now working well as advertised. Love your work!

        What did you do to get it to work, Ian? I'm having trouble selecting the .ipcc file?

    Where can I find the ipcc file for Brazilian carriers for iPad 3, please? Mainly Vivo carrier? Thanks.

    hi guys, i have downloaded the IPCC file and im loading it and itunes pops up saying applying carrier settings and then it makes no diffrence? any ideas

      Same for me, but I guess it is because my carrier in from Brasil and the old files I found are not valid any longer :(


    Got my new ipad today for an upcoming trip. Was most unhappy when there was no personal hot spot to be found.
    Found this site and all is well.

    Many thanks. :)

    Hi all
    Just to share my experience with personal hotspot for new iPad
    I've tried this with two carriers and it works 100% you can do the same with yours
    First carrier called (zain) and I did these steps to activate the personal hotspot:
    General - mobile data - APN settings - there are two APN boxes I wrote (zain) in both - press home bottun (important step)
    General - network then you will find personal hotspot.
    The second carrier called (mobily) I did the same above but I wrote (web1) in the two boxes for postpaid and (web2) for prepaid
    You can try writing you carrier's name or web, web1, web2 in front of each APN then press home bottun.

      Thank you Husam! your "cure' worked like a charm even in Malta on the Vodafone network! I wrote vodafonemalta in both APN pressed home button and when I went to General-network the Personal Hotspot switch just appeared and I got put hotspot on! Thanks.

    Hi... I'm with Vodafone Post Paid in Australia... I went through all the steps provided, I can see the personal hotspot setup but when I go to set it up I get this screen: It doesn't seem to have any APN setting available too.

    Does anyone have any suggestion or can help me ?

      ur carrier provider has blocked the use of the hotspot function, the only way to bypass that is to jailbreak the idevice and add TetherMe app from Cydia store. And if you are using The New iPad, you will need to wait for the jailbreak for A5X idevice (ie the new ipad) to be released.
      i use the woolworths prepaid sim card (goes thru optus)for my iphone and ipad and in the fine print for woolworths sim card it says the 5gb of data does not allow tethering or hotspots, but this can be bypassed using "tetherme" app which then allows tethering and access to your apn settings,
      Mywi and pdanet from cydia will also be an option once the new ipad is jailbreakable.

      to add,... not all aussie networks block the hotspot tethering option, check your fine print for your plan, or just contact ur carrier to try and find out more, the customer service reps are reading off verbatim script so explain to them clearly your enquiry to help them find the answer on there systems.

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