How Much Of Australia's GDP Is Online?

US Research suggests that the percentage of Australia's GDP represented by online business is comparatively quite tiny at only 3.3 per cent. Then again, that's some $44 billion dollars, which puts forward some very challenging perspectives. On the one hand, if we're generation $44 billion today — estimated by the report authors The Boston Group to be $67 billion by 2016 — it puts the cost of the NBN into a rather interesting light.

Then again, the report's conclusions aren't that friendly towards Australia's Internet future, that $67 billion figure sounds high, but that's still only 3.7 per cent of GDP, where the average across G20 nations is 4.3 per cent now and 5.5 per cent by 2016. Or in other words, we've got some catching up to do — even with the NBN. [Boston Group via Mashable and ITWire] Thanks to Ryan for the tip! Image: Marxchivist

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