Hong Kong Air Offering "All Business" Flights To London

You know how air fares have been going down at a relatively steady rate over the past twenty years or so? That hasn't been so good for the airline's bottom lines, and at least one airline is doing something different about it: Offering up a plane that only has business class seats. Australian Business Traveller reports on the move, which will see Hong Kong Airlines offering Airbus A330-200s with absolutely no onboard economy seats. That's good for those of us with ailing backs, but not so good for those of us with ailing wallets; even a starting fare on the service out of Sydney will run you $3,250, and that's flying economy with Qantas on the Sydney to Hong Kong leg. If you wanted Business all the way, you'd be looking at the pointy end of an $8,860 fare. [AusBT]

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