Has The Apple Queuing Bubble Burst?

I just took a brief walk past Apple's flagship Sydney store, taking in the new iPad queue as I went. Well, as much of it as there was. Compared to previous Apple launches, the numbers are solidly down, especially when you consider the first guy in the queue is being paid to be there as part of a publicity stunt. Even the iPhone 4S launch saw a crowd of hundreds assembled many hours before launch outside this very same store.

Meanwhile, over the road at Telstra, who to my understanding will be the only telco doing a midnight launch, there's…

no queue at all. Then again, as many Giz commentators have pointed out, contract pricing for iPad doesn't make a whole lot of financial sense unless you can only commit a small amount of money per month. I suspect that Apple store queue will only grow, and it'll be fascinating to see how many turn out to Telstra's midnight shindig.

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